Room Garden In The Japanese House By K2yt Against The Noise

rooms garden of Japanese House window

Japanese green house fight against noise by green

Yes, that’s also! The noise is a growing problem and the Japanese are quite deliberately. Creative and technologically developed as they are, they find ways to differentiate themselves from this repeatedly.

This man has succeeded in this case, by it has recouped the nature to his home.

The House, which we want to present you today, is located on a corner, it is with a page to a very loud train station. Two families live there. They have commissioned architects with the not easy task to give them a bit more peace and quiet.

You used the House particularly by building courts on various pages. You provided the inhabitants with daylight. One provided by this modern architecture concept also views, which are otherwise not at all not a given for this situation.

The Japanese House room garden

room Garden In the Japanese home K2yt

Through this approach, it has created a social House. Thus it differs significantly from the others. Because basically, it separates the House from the street.

Internally, the House has been organized as a network of six. The orientation is vertical. From this developed a fairly complex system by the other divisions.

Inside you can enjoy an interesting layout with the exposed wood and concrete elements

rooms Garden In Japanese House window sliding doors

As a result, the House appears almost seamless. The living areas are at the top in the ground floor and the bedroom -.

This example gave to think much. How are we to understand the concept of “green city” really soon? The nature is fast approaching and is a very integral part of our living. You get new, advanced features, to save us from the pollution.

Located in the Centre of the House, a staircase made of folded stainless steel

rooms Garden In Japanese House sunlight

In this case, it is the fight against noise and stress. In other examples, to fight the heat and brings to generate more energy.

Which residential function would you pair the presence of nature?

rooms Garden In Japanese House window indoor garden

Wood panels on the ceiling

room Garden In Japanese hallway

Floating steps

rooms garden abstract forms of Japanese House staircase

Window here and there let the daylight in the room

rooms Garden In the Japanese House grey wall design

Built-in planters

rooms Garden In Japanese House potted wood flooring

The formal facade at night

rooms Garden In the Japanese House at night