Save Water In Your Garden – Ideas

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Conserve water in your garden

Search landscape for ways to save water – and money – in your garden. Here are some good ways to launch.By Anne Nieland

Wise water solutionsWalk through a path or your driveway, if the water is still running, this is a waste of water. You solve this by using a shut-off device or a nozzle, the water can turn off demand and so is it m; daily to save water.

wise water saving

Use drip irrigationSprinkler water lose water because of evaporation – so keep the fun in your precious moisture by using a drip irrigation hose, which will slowly drip water on the floor. Cover it with mulch, so you waste virtually nothing.

Soaker hose

Collect the free stuffOne of the most surprising things about a rain barrel is how fast’s filled up with water, even in the lightest rain. And the rain water is free of city water treatment chemicals. Connect the rain barrel to your drain pipe or use a chain to carry the water.

collect free

Use mulchWeeds in your garden is not just a thorn in the flesh, it sucks the valuable soil moisture from your plants. One of the best, free of chemical weed controls is a layer of mulch. It is air and water-permeable and light to the plants. What still, organic mulch (such as bark mulch) builds up in the course of time and improve your garden soil.

mulch using

Set a timerA faucet with timer shuts off your sprinkler system at a certain time so you need to do it not ourselves.Here is a tip from us: to prevent running out of water, put your timer switch the sprinklers, let the water in the soil to seep, then start watering again.


Coupling demolitionChange your hose with a quick release connector, so you’re wasting water when changing attachments. And save time by you does not need to run around, to turn off the water.

quick release

Water only when it is necessary

If your sprinkler timer is equipped, have you checked already, how much water he is out? So you can save water – create a rain gauge, where water collects. Set the timer to give your plants exactly as much water they need.Here is a tip from us: Most plants need about an inch of water a week during the growing season.

water necessary

Planting drought tolerant plantsOnce established, drought tolerant plants can do long time without water. This does not mean that they need no water, only less than other garden plants. If you irrigate water, they can “drink deep” – so they will be ready to hold the next round of drought.

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