Schisandra Berries – Healthy Exotic Animals In The Garden And On The Table

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schisandra berries Asian tea cooking

Schisandra berries help against increasing

Schisandra berries find widespread use in Chinese medicine already for a long time. It has a toning and enhancing effect. Is characteristic and interesting among other things, that everything on this plant has a very strong smell of lemon.

The spectrum of their impact

The beneficial effect of schisandra berries has a very wide range. You can therefore positively influence the symptoms of constant fatigue and heal the nervous system. It will improve the own working capacity and effectiveness in a very healthy way.

You have not the harmful side effects that could result from taking tablets.

Also, the schisandra can positively influence people who have problems with low blood pressure, berries.

In general one can reduce the stress by schisandra berries

schisandra berries Chinese plant grapes red

Keep the weight under control

In addition to the beneficial effects of schisandra can be adjusted also the weight berries in stress conditions, thus. This is done by improving the separation of the secretions in the stomach. So, the functioning of the stomach-intestinal system is much easier.

Instructions regarding the appropriate use of

You can so your everyday menu integrate the schisandra berries, even if you are healthy, but are showing signs of fatigue and stress. Still believed in local medicine, it is resistant to front of bad outside influences. In addition, they can be helpful if you already have some symptoms such as light to severe obesity and low blood pressure.

A healthy breakfast

schisandra berries Chinese healthy food

The kind of acceptance depends on the target, which you can achieve this. Let this advice from a competent person.

Schisandra berries in the garden

Schisandra berries can grow in the shade and also in a cold climate. This makes possible that you maintain these in the garden it. The plant loves the humus, moist and well drained soil. But in no case there may be much too much water.

The root system is developed very far and deep. In the first years, the Schisadra Berry plant grows very slowly, but then she starts to develop quickly.

The plant shortly before the blossoming of

schisandra berries Chinese buds

The various plants should grow from each other at a distance of 60 to 100 cm. The holes should be 60 x 60 x 60 cm. When filling the holes you should follow the traditional rules. These plants have also a solid amount of fertilizing agents. This differs from area to area. Consult with a professional from the region.

The flowers remind them of wild strawberries

schisandra berries exotic plant garden

Slowly, the fruits are formed

schisandra berries Chinese plant buds

Ripe fruit

schisandra berries Chinese Traubenähnlich

Schisandra berries dried

schisandra berries dried

Long Chinese tradition

schisandra berries Asian tea cooking

Red, grape-like fruits

schisandra berries red grapes

Pay attention to a healthy, balanced diet!

schisandra plant red fruits Kirschenähnlich

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