Security At The Crafts In The Garden By Suitable Protective Clothing

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Security at the crafts in the garden

Every year thousands of accidents in the home and in the garden pass. Most of these extremely unpleasant incidents are due to insufficient protective clothing. Many underestimate the risks that lurk right in front of the door on them. While the leading brand manufacturers make now a complete equipment and viable outfit, optimally set up in the various challenges to go. In the following article we introduce the individual components of the safety clothing and the security provisions in the crafts in the garden more closely.

Safe gardening: wear suitable protective clothing in the garden?

protective clothing protective Workwear gardening

Insert the chainsaw protective trousers and protective clothing in the garden

In contrast to the commercial sector, the protective clothing in the garden and on the terrace is no rule: you should still strongly used. Detailed information see home improvement and gardening section four ABS

three of the accident prevention regulations for the area of “Forests”. This section is a protective helmets of the face and eye protection, and on the other hand by the ear protection. In addition follow explanations of fire protection, foot protection, the chainsaw protective trousers and safety shoes. These designs can be made easily as a guide for the lawn mower for dealing with the Brushcutter or in terms of the hedge trimmer.

Especially in the warm and sometimes very hot summer months, only a few gardeners admit to wrap in protective clothing. But flip-flops and shorts and a light shirt or a top are not considered safety-related clothing for the home improvement and dealing with the chain saw.

protective clothing Green Gardening Schnittsvhutzhose

Garden gloves protect against cuts and stitches

The most important safety-related measures that gardeners should take include the use of garden gloves. Just when in the bed or in the garden, it can quickly come to cut or stab wounds. Using of professional garden gloves, hands in front of these painful incidents are protected. There are gloves in each store and the hardware store from natural latex or leather with a standard handle or a rubberized grip. The gardening gloves should be selected in the appropriate size, otherwise they lose an optimum manageability.

protective clothing white gardening gloves

The selection of the appropriate safety footwear for the garden

The Garden shoes are a further very important point – this should be closed in any case, so that neither Earth, nor fertilizer in the Interior can enter. Just when the cold weather gardeners opt for rubber boots or garden boots and in the warmer months to practical garden pumps. Also the gardener shoes have prevailed in this context, small needles located on the sole. It is now running on the lawn, the shoes promise an automatic lifting of the lawn. The needles will up step by step drill into the ground and for aeration of the soil. It is particularly convenient to wear this shoes when mowing the lawn.

protective clothing gardening shoes for the garden

Protection against dangerous UVB rays of the Sun

In the summer months, the Sun should not be underestimated. So it is to wear a matching hat, just if you move unprotected in the Sun. Otherwise, many extensive garden days end with a sunstroke. Meanwhile the Sun hats and headgear made of lightweight cotton and provide optimum protection, without getting too hot. In this context, no one should forget the painful sunburn to protect also the neck, ears and the neck area. Suitable protective clothing and shoes is there, for example, at

Useful garden utensils offer comprehensive protection

In terms of the hedge trimming, it is recommended to put on safety glasses. When sawing you should without glasses never to start, get just the flying chips into the eye and cause dangerous diseases. A danger should not be underestimated is beating back twigs and branches.

Protective clothing gardening safety glasses health

For entertaining work in the garden, a garden apron is recommended, because this protects the clothing against cuts and cracks. In addition useful utensils can be in the bumper or in the side pockets accommodate. Meanwhile, there are also special garden pants, which are made of extremely durable materials in the area of the knee.

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