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garden design practical flowers purple boards plants soil Earth

A University garden bubbling ideas for growing products and flowers in containers and flower beds

Vegetable gardens are wonderful places in the edible gardens can be combined wonderfully with flowering plants. For centuries, these gardens have been a readily available source of fruit, vegetables and herbs in the vicinity of our kitchens. Today, the people have the advantages of home gardens is not just as a source for fresh, local food, but also as a way to add interest and even the beauty of the landscape.

a practical garden design can be also a viewing pleasure

practical garden design metal pot plants purple fence

Recently, I was in the vegetable gardens of the Tennessee University, to see where raised beds are surrounded with vegetables of the vine, which are loaded with berries, herbs and colorful flowers. Come with me and see the beautiful things that grow in the vegetable garden and get ideas for your own garden.

A number of beautiful flowers grow in rather unconventional containers, galvanized garbage cans, and welcome on your way in the garden.

A number of beautiful flowers

practical garden design metal pot plants flowers

Tulips, pansies, violas and Lily of the Valley look so nice. The flowers stand out really if they are together grouped together in containers of different heights.

To create your own trash can pot:

Drill five or six drainage holes at the bottom of the dustbin.
Fill the bottom half of the bucket with empty 2-liter bottles of pet, helping to fill the empty space and to save the potting soil
Add potting soil and plants.

The bed of the old, rusty trucks serves as the perfect planter

practical garden design old car planting

Garbage cans are not the only places where unique plants in this garden grow

practical garden design old car plantingKartoffeln grow bed very well if they are grown in containers – in an old truck. Plant them in good quality Pottingmischung and use an all purpose organic fertilizer.

This unkonvenzionelle bed will soon result in a beautiful crop of potatoes

Practical garden design old grass fence shrub

Behind a fence, which is loaded with blackberries and raspberries, you can throw a glimpse of the miracle, you’d expect in the vegetable garden.

Make vegetable garden

Practical garden design flower beds fence

Several raised beds with fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers greet you at the entrance. The flowers are pretty, but they pull also pollinators in the garden, and some, like Nasturtium and violas, are edible.

Several raised beds with fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers

practical garden design plants area

The leafy vegetables in this high bed not only delicious taste, they are also very attractive in their contrasting colours.

practical garden design home design plants

Swiss chard can be planted as well for the beauty of the colorful stems, such as for food. But fortunately, you can have both.

practical garden design old bed edges

A variety of herbs is grown along the inside of the vegetable garden fence. Flowering chives, thyme and oregano are just a few that can be found around the vegetable garden.

A variety of herbs

practical garden design garden fence wood traditional

At first glance, the raised bed with weed seems to be filled, but if you look closer, notice, that it is not so. Actually, what looks like a weed is a plant called hairy vetch, which serves as a catch crop. Catch crops are planted between vegetables, because they add nitrogen into the soil.

Hairy vetch can be planted in late summer and picked then below the soil in the spring. It will break the flow of nitrogen into the soil and makes it ready for a new crop of vegetables.

Purple ‘wave’ Petunia, Pansy orange, Rosemary, thyme and strawberries provide a beautiful living wall

garden design practical flowers purple boards plants soil Earth

Combine, this vertical garden, to create one of the latest trends in gardening, flowers, fruits and herbs.

A vegetable gardening, which maximizes the amount of vegetables,

practical garden design spices fruit vegetables

Another popular trend is gardening in 0.09 square metres market gardening that maximizes the amount of vegetables that can grow in a small space.

practical garden design pink flowers

For new plant introductions, it’s always exciting to hear. It’s even better when you can see them for yourself. This ‘Toscana’ strawberry plant has beautiful red flowers.

practical garden design purple flowers flowers

Catnip can be used both as a herb and as a decorative plant in the garden. This latest introduction, ‘Purple Haze’, has beautiful flowers.

practical garden design purple wooden rods

This handmade organic barrel looks almost pretty with his purple coat, don’t you think?

practical garden design wooden plates vessel

If you have never seen an artichoke plant personally, you might be surprised how big it is. Artichokes are another example of an edible plant that can be used as an ornamental plant. When artichokes are not your favorite vegetables, you can allow them to make big, beautiful flowers.

practical garden design plants growing

Beans climb along this bamboo grid start their upward trend. Of course, you can create a unique trellis if you want. But trellises must be not artfully, you can easily create them by to tie together sticks or branches with a cord.

Vegetable gardens are a wonderful way to grow a variety of edible plants in a garden

practical garden design garden area growing maintain

Did you know that salad loves garlic? It is true. The garlic, which is planted in the middle of the raised bed, helps to keep poor beetle of the lettuce.

All you need are a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables, an herb or two and some flowering annual. Plant them in a large container, in a raised bed, or even directly in the ground, and enjoy it.

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