Send Garden Paths From Natural Stone Or Cement For The Garden

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garden paths nice way of garden plants garden design

Beautiful ideas for garden paths made of natural stone or cement

The Garden paths are a kind of boundaries in the landscape. They separate the Green surface and have a practical function. You are guided through these to the entrance of the House or the backyard. Garden paths make much easier simply to enjoy the beauty of the garden. While you can do this very easily yourself. As it is, we will explain a simple example with the natural stone design.

Leaf-shaped stage for the garden path

garden path design Blattförmig garden ideas

Nice entrance, which passes into an elegant garden way

garden paths design garden design Schönee input

So make the Garden paths made of natural stone

Materials and instruments

-Boards to shape the frame

-PVC foil


-Tool for the compression of the landscape

-Sand and pebbles

-Tiles made of natural stone

Step 1

Prepare the room, through which it traverses the garden path.  All stones and Unkrautwuchse have to go. Settle the surface and surrounded the area with the help of the previously bound boards.

Tastefully make the garden path

garden path design natural stone grass plants garden ideas

A garden path, which winds its way to the front door

garden paths stone of green lawn House facade brick wall

Step 2

Cover the base of the garden route with a PVC foil. You can buy the latter in the special shops. This will insulate the soil and the plants cannot penetrate here.

A garden path, which is embellished by numerous plants

garden paths design garden paths natural stone plant

Stylish garden way is representative of the whole garden

garden paths natural stone Elganter garden path Aleen

Step 3

Humidify the room and begin compacting the soil with the instrument specifically intended. Thus, the garden path is fixed.

A beautiful garden

garden path Stone garden design plant exterior

The garden map

garden paths natural stone garden design ideas

Step 4

Now we come to arrange the natural stones on the garden path. They should be pressed to the ground as much as possible. One thing that you need to determine is the shape and size. It’s certainly above all a matter of taste. When you are finished, you would need to fill the gaps with Pebble.

Natural stones make something be more natural garden

garden paths natural stone garden design beautiful ideas

To create the garden path from cement

Today we have for you a great idea, which allows a lot of creativity. It all goes well very easy and practical. We need to make multiple any shape of cement and to distribute them so that they fulfill the function of a garden path together in the garden. We have an image with leaves down, but there are also other possibilities.

Make a fancy garden path itself

garden paths cement garden exterior design

The materials:

-Cement mixture

-Container for stirring



-Large leaves of a plant or some other form, cut in sheets or material with similar properties

-Mat or a thick piece of cardboard


Step 1

Determine the route by which the garden path will be. Dig out in the places where you will set the figures with the help of a shovel to the 8 cm.

Step 2

Prepare the workplace. Submit the piece of cardboard and fill cement into a suitable vessel. If necessary, you should pour water. Mix the whole thing very well.

Beautiful DIY projects for the garden path

garden path figures cement garden ideas failed

Step 3

Prepare the forms. Lubricate each with cement. Press very well, so you get a good impression. Repeat the whole thing with all remaining forms/instructions.

Individual steps in the grass

garden path design garden ideas cement of green lawn

Step 4

Add the shapes in the shapes to be immersed. Cover the cement, so that you help this to be fixed. Then paint the levels in different colours, if you so desire.

Enjoy running on the garden paths, which had made them!

The pebbles can be more attractive are the garden path

garden paths natural stone Pebble combining garden Gestalen

Stylish garden design

garden path design natural stone pebbles plants garden

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