Smart Ideas For Flower Pots, From Which Flower Streams Flow

Flowerpot ceramic urn blue violet

Do you fancy an original flower pots in the garden?

We have presented you already a rich variety of ideas for flower pots . Here you will find different variations on conventional and unusual flower pots. Some of them require much imagination and a little hand skill and others are fully functioning to used items. The Upcycling is another issue that is often present with us. To think and Act, is one of our main principles.

Today we present you some clever concepts for flower pots, the look how buried. This magnificent flowers and plants exhale and delight the eye with its fresh colours. The good here is that you can use just everything possible as planters. It is only important that you ensure the effect of tipping. How is that? It’s simple. The only thing you should bear in mind, that is digging up the flower pot or the subject you want snow. Even broken items suitable for this because you can hide the broken areas in this way.

Oversized oil paint and marigolds
Flowerpot original color tube marigolds

Wheelbarrows suited for this also. These you can forward just slightly tip and fill with potting soil. It is up to how you arrange the flowers and plants. It is important that the combination looks like a flower River.

A cool eye-catcher in the Park

Flowerpot old wheelbarrow colorful flowers Park

Even succulents and other strange plants take part in the project spilled flower pots . Here you can experiment with the size. Not everything must be spectacularly large. Also smaller elements, can effectively look like this below.

The old porcelain pot wakes up to new life

Flowerpot old porcelain teapot Water Kettle Succulents

You thought you should long have thrown away the broken barrel? Well, now you have the opportunity to use it again. A fresh idea would be already in the spring, a flower Brook from delicate, colorful pansies.

The natural, the better

Flowerpot age wood reservoir water barrel colorful Pansy

Browse your cellar or visit the nearest flea market. There you will find certainly very many items that have served long. You can but on a quite original way upcycling. A milk container made of sheet metal for example becomes the perfect flower pots, you can make as a spill. Try it with white chrysanthemums.

A cool imitation of spilt milk

Flowerpot original idea sheet metal milk container

An old wooden barrel brings a subtle, rustic touch to

Flowerpot of old wooden barrel blue Pansy

Of course own up to quite conventional ceramic pots

Flowerpot ceramic flower pot blue delicate flowers

In these you can place small decorative figures

small flower pot Flowerpot ceramic mulch

For a rustic, Mediterranean flair, you can use bellied clay urns, and Succulents. The flow effect is achieved here especially permanently, because these species are easy to maintain and robust. They spread quite quickly and as a result your plants current will expand continuously.

The beautiful rosettes of Sempervivums enrich your garden decor

pots clay pots Succulents

Find the best option for your original flower pots in the garden and transform your creative ideas! Believe us – you won’t regret it.

Blue Pansy in this case seem like flowing water

old wine barrel planters Pansy blue

Impressive Park installation with petunias and truck

Flowerpot Petunia potting soil stack truck

Modest project that will continue to grow

Flowerpot clay urn Blumentopv mulch