Spider Mites Fighting – The Right Measures Meeting

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fighting green Sun spider webs spider mites

Plant protection product use

Description : Tetranychus urticae и Tetranychus atlanticus. The conditions where this spider mites develop, are similar. The female have oval structure and a length of 0.4 – 0.5 mm. There are two types – summer, which are yellow green and winter – they have a brick-red color.

Damage: The spider mites live and feed on the underside of the leaves. That’s why we note their presence in the room and the garden plants too late. The mites suck SAP. The plant leaves are covered with white punctate spots. The characteristic spider webs appear everywhere and cover the leaves and flowers. If no immediate action, the leaves will fall off and the plant will die. You should know the spider mites develop about 3 generations in a single growing season.Fighting: The most important thing is to avoid. Regular treatment with the preservatives listed below will avoid many problems. If you notice the pests, you keep separate the plant. Isolate adjacent plants.

Plant protection products: MASAI, Agrimec Pro, Bayer garden Austriebsspritzmittel.

Read carefully the instructions on the packaging the means of protection through, before you treat the damaged plants and the combat spider mites. Dilute the drug with water.

Warning: Use safety glasses and gloves! Read the instructions on the packaging. Go out of the room, and treat your plants outdoors

Advice: When room and balcony plants, use a larger amount of the preservative.

Combat spider mites

pests spider mite combat photo

White spots

spider mites fighting plants


spider mites combat damage


spider mites indoor plants fighting

The spider mites

spider mites fighting balcony plants

Carefully wipe the leaves

spider mites handle fighting

The pests spider mites combat pest

On the underside of the leaves

spider mites fighting bottom sheet

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