Spring Ideas For This, How Can A Shade Garden Design

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shadow garden spring idea green stones

Spring ideas for how you can design a shade garden

Only a few plants add enough visual contrast to a thick shaded space. The shape of a garden path can slow down the people through a landscape or hurry. Here, gentle bends wind their way through a shady area, which encourages visitors to stay and to admire the plants are for a moment. Placed on a curve on the path, a large Boulder serves both as a striking element and as a recreation area. The geometric layout of the stone slabs that form the path that stands in contrast to the clean lines of the flower beds. Primary striking natural element in the shadow are leaving, yellow green and white plant leaves to shade, such as Frauenfarn, Woodruff, Großblättriges Caucasus forget-me-not and Lenz rose garden.

Fairytale landscape – the natural beauty and diversity

shadow garden spring idea Grün Baum

A pond and rhythmic planting offering a peaceful, shaded area. Levels create an interesting landscape laid close by the water until the end of the shaded slope. A tiered Bach works naturally as he dribbles large stones and plants grow close to its borders. Multiple tag lines provide visual relief from the largely dark green hues of the landscape. The extensive garden is based on large meadows of some dense standing plants. Golden Alpine grass is a perfect focal point for shadow. Here, a golden comb sedge and number of ‘Gold bullion’ daylily seem practical.

Pleasant mix of leaves and colours

shadow garden spring idea day lines

A variety of individual plant forms the base of the shade garden. Probative, that necessary to compensate not a single plant garden-boredom, different day lilies are a pleasant mix of sheet sizes and colors. A well-kept path of stone slabs leads visitors through the whole garden. The burly paving slabs set contrast to the day lilies. A clean application of straw ceiling retains water, inhibits weed growth.

Variety of plant species that are cast thick shadows

shadow garden spring idea charming day lilies

Walk between planted garden areas

shadow garden spring idea relax corner

Fresh, pink, yellow, purple flowers in the garden

shadow garden spring idea walk focus

Unique, classic garden statue beautifies the area

shadow garden spring idea footpath slabs one by one statue

Nature designed steps of mother

shadow garden spring idea walk stone steps

Beautiful, relaxing atmosphere in the great outdoors

shadow garden spring idea footpath forest

Close walk leads to compact, wood gazebo

shadow garden spring idea gazebo

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