Succulent Care – Like Synthetics Are Succulents?

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A simple care guide for Succulents

Succulents look like perfect plants, when it comes to their care. However, you must follow some important rules, so that they develop themselves as desired. We have compiled them as a couple of clearly formulated tips in the following lines.

Succulent care and creative decoration ideas

succulent care garden plants care perhaps creative garden ideas

Low-maintenance plants are Succulents?

succulent care garden plants easy to clean from the top

What are Succulents actually?

For maintenance, it is very helpful if you know more precisely what the Succulents actually are and where they come from.

Their natural tribal areas are dry. They are therefore able to hold out for a long time without water, or they can accumulate water resources in itself. This is the reason why their leaves are so thick. There’s plenty of water.

The different shapes and sizes arise, that the Succulents in various weather and climatic conditions to suit had.

Succulents can withstand longer time without water

succulent care indoor plants easy-care garden ideas

Plants that are confused with Succulents.

Inexperienced gardeners often confuse the Succulents with the cacti. That may not be particularly due to their care because both plants each require a different kind of care. The Succulents include only plants with fleshy leaves and prickly pear cactus flowers also.

Cacti or Succulents?

succulent care garden plants easy to clean window decoration

Appropriate Earth and casting

In contrast to other plant species, the Succulents require very little care. You are really not particularly demanding. There are already some rules which are to be observed as a minimum.

Proper care is very important

succulent care garden plants easy succulent in the glasssucculent care garden plants easy to care for cacti


If there is standing water in flower pots of Succulents, they can clearly not well evolve. They would pour them although abundant, but the drainage should ensure that it flows off quickly. Then again, if the Earth is totally dry, water need the Succulents.

Watch some weeks how long time the Earth in the succulent flower pots to dry needs. So you get a feel for when you should pour the Succulents exactly again.

Succulents as beautiful focal point in the room

succulent care indoor plants easy decorating

The Earth

When choosing or mix soil again you must follow the following rule: the Succulents like the humidity, but hate the standing water.

What you still need to nurture Succulents in the House and garden?

In addition to proper irrigation and good soil, the Succulents need also much sun and fertilizers. You will also need these at the right time. Fertilize rather in the spring. It helps the Succulents, enough nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to get.

Succulents in the garden

succulent care garden plants easy-care garden ideas front yard

If they have established themselves once the Succulents require almost no maintenance.

Only a few larger species are an exception. You need to be newly cropped every spring.

Succulents as a window decoration

succulent care window of decode ideas easy-care garden plants

What role should we assign the Succulents in our garden?

The Succulents provide for flexibility and variety in the garden. They offer a large variety of shapes and sizes. The Succulents are still a very good choice if you want to integrate diverse textures in garden design.

Garden design ideas with Succulents

succulent care garden plants easy-care garden decoration ideas

Here is another tip from us: in addition to the Succulents in the soil you plant those in flower pots. The vessels give you the possibility to combine several plant species. You can provide with larger flower pots in which you insert several Succulents, creating genuine works of art.

Also called balcony plants, succulents are a good solution

succulent care balcony plants easy-care garden ideas

Potted plants

succulent care easy-care garden plants

So you can arrange many small Succulents

succulent care garden plants easy-care garden ideas

Succulents in wooden box

succulent care garden plants easy to clean wood box

Lively candle holders

succulent care garden plants easy-care candles

Vintage Deco – Succulents in an old blue suitcase

succulent care garden plants easy-care casesucculent care garden plants easy to clean brass potssucculent care garden plants easy to clean brass pot plantssucculent care garden plants easy-care table decorations ideassucculent care garden plants easy to grow pot plantssucculent care creative decoration ideassucculent care potted plants easy-care garden ideassucculent care indoor plants easy arrangesucculent care indoor plants easy decorationsucculent care indoor plants easy to clean canssucculent care indoor plants easy window decoratingsucculent care houseplants easy boxsucculent care Zimmerpflanzenpflegeleicht funny ideassucculent care indoor plants easy-care plant pots concretesucculent care indoor plants easy to clean cups

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