Summer Flowers Help You To A Garden Of Full Of Colors To Create

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summer flowers garden plants stone herbal yellow flowers

Immerse in the world of summer flowers

On summer days, it is common that one looks up the shade of large trees. In addition it is hoped on a gentle breeze or a cool breeze. It is usually also, because like all living beings suffer the flowers under the hot sun. Their survival is not a given on warm days. This is also very important to us, because we don’t enjoy love to their freshness and beauty?

By color you bring joy in your garden

garden brighten up summer flowers garden Marigold Orange

Spice Garden by flowers with unusual flowers

garden brighten up summer flowers garden plants fire crested purple

Summer flowers for a sunny garden

Do you have a summer garden with little shade so? If Yes, then you should consider consider appropriate types for these circumstances. So, also the hottest places that exist, will be covered with color.


The first of summer flowers, which we want to introduce, is called the purslane. It’s a small one-year flower. It has fleshy leaves and blooms throughout the summer in many different colors: red, yellow, purple, orange. This species needs no special care. Pour 2-3 times per day, but only for the cooler times of the day.

The purslane is a fresh summer flower for your garden

garden brighten up summer flowers beautify garden crops purslane

Portulaca oleracea in yellow and pink

garden brighten up summer flowers pink yellow purslane garden plants

Stone herb (Alyssum)

The stone herbs would be perfect as summer flowers . This species is perennial, Hardy and can reach a height of up to 10 cm. Something like furry rugs on the ground and this makes it in many different shades.

Stone herbs in flower pot

summer flowers garden beautify stone herbal flower pot

Combine gentle nuances

garden brighten up purple white summer flowers stone herb garden plants

Coastal Beach star (Palau Lenis maritima)

This flower is especially suitable if you live in a warm region, where there are also Beach and stones. The name says it probably also, or? This species is also perennial and can reach a height of 10-12 cm. The development is carried out primarily in a horizontal orientation. In this case, large groups formed in the form of carpet on the floor.

The beautiful yellow flowers of the coast Beach star

summer flowers coast Beach star yellow flower garden design

The coastal Beach star named carpal Lenis maritima

summer flowers garden plants coast Beach star

Fire-crested (Celosia)

A good choice if you are looking for summer flowers , would be the fire crested. The flowers of this genus are annual, but they delight us with the variety of nuances. You can make this wonderful beds.

Enjoy the colorful diversity of this garden flower

summer flowers garden plants fire crested colored


Now it goes on great garden flowers with the Immortelle in our list. Further you would enjoy these determined with the dry and devastatingly colored flowers. You can make great arrangements, which could be used as a decoration.

The everlasting has unique flowers

summer flowers yellow Strawflower garden plants

A shrub plant

summer flowers Strawflower garden figures

Cushion Phlox and Phlox douglasii

There is probably no other summer flowers, who can better tolerate the heat and the bragging rays this season. These are perennial, low-growing plants that are easy to maintain and can grow year-round.

Cushion Phlox

summer flower cushion Phlox pink gentle flowers

Cushion Phlox in shades of purple

summer flower cushion Phlox purple tiny flowers

Phlox douglasii

summer flowers garden decorating plants Phlox Douglasii

Gazania hybridn

If you want to have some more magic at home through your summer flowers, this genus is very suitable. The gazania open in the morning and close again in the evening after sunset.

Gazania with cool flowers

summer flowers yellow gazania garden plants

Colorful gazania

summer flowers garden figures gazania

Marigold (Calendula)

At first glance very easy marigolds are a real treasure for your summer garden. This garden flowers can resist wonderfully the hottest summer conditions. Even if you even forget to water the flowers, these plants would get out of and enjoy with their orange and fiery shades. In addition, the marigolds have a useful value: perfectly, they protect your garden from pests!

Marigolds yellow nuances

summer flowers Marigold yellow nuances garden figures

The beautiful flower of Callendula officinalis

summer flowers Calendula of officinalis Callendula

Callendula officinalis is just one of the summer flowers of this genus. You are different and can bring a lot of variety in your garden. The seeds are very resistant. They spread by itself and through them new species can grow in the next year.

Marigold (tagetes)

That’s the next beauty under summer flowers, which we would like to introduce. This happens under different names – tagetes, Marigold, Sammetblume, Velvet flower or Turkish Carnation. It has cultivated many of these flower types in recent years. You are always beautiful, bigger and more beautiful. Some can range up to 12.5 cm in height.

Beautify the garden by Sammetblumen

flowers summer fresh orange marigold

Flower with orange yellow colouring

garden flowers brighten up summer Marigold yellow orange

Sage (Salvia)

The good old Sage is also one of the great summer flowers, which you should grow in the courtyard. You are versed in the healing properties of this plant genus? In this context, research also the marigolds.

Red Sage bleed before the House facade

garden beautify Sage red flowers

Sage flower in blue

garden brighten up summer flowers Sage blue

Plantain (Iberis)

These are decorative flowers, which could be very useful for garden design. This genus of plants can not grow without the Sun. In particular the following two types are very popular: Iberis sempervirens and Iberis umbellata.

Iberis umbellata

garden flowers beautify Iberis umbellata purple flowers

Iberis umbellata in pale purple

garden beautify Candytuft Iberis umbellata

Iberis sempervirens

garden beautify Candytuft Iberis Sempervirens

The exuberant flowering of Iberis sempervirens

garden beautify Candytuft Iberis Sempervirens flowers white

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

We will close our list with summer flowers in the genus Eschscholzia californica. California poppy flowers from June until the onset of period period. You can make this wonderful summer flower bed. It is not even necessary that you mix garden flowers with other flower types. These plants are annual, but they are easily spread through seeds. It has already cultivated many varieties.

Design the garden in Orange

Orange flowers garden beautify California poppy

The California poppy has an interesting flower

garden California poppy brighten up summer flowers

Eschscholzia californica in white

garden beautify plant summer flowers California poppies white

Of course, we do not claim that we have captured all possible summer flowers with this article. But I hope you got an insight into the endless possibilities for the design of your summer garden.

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