Summer Is Coming – What Do Against Insects And Vermin?

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Not only the man is looking forward to the warm season, several small Animalcules are particularly active at high temperatures and numerous multiply. Just the hated WaSP has spread greatly because of the very mild weather in the entire year, so that particular allergy sufferers should take in the coming months in eight. But away from the WaSP crawl several insects in the summer time from their holes and be active. The majority of them is entirely harmless, yet often provide the little troublemakers for trouble if they penetrate in droves in the apartment, for example, eat the Ornamentals or with her – if also unfounded – horror provide yuk factor.

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Insects as a part of the ecosystem

Some insects to humans also may be unpleasant, they are so important for a functioning ecosystem. Reason: not every harmless animal that got lost in the apartment, must and should be destroyed inevitably. Because mostly they are food for other species, help the plant propagation, renew the soil, or can even help that no other pests emerge. Reason enough so to protect themselves not only from unwanted crawlers, but also to make sure that most of them survive the encounter with the people as possible. This works best through prevention by flies and co. can, for example, does not even get in the House.

The Flyscreen – a proven classic

Flies are usually although not dangerous, can transfer germs in the worst case, however, and interfere in the budget simply. A simple mosquito net provides in the summer for that the troublemakers will not enter. Best used on a Variant, which firmly in the frame is mounted and revealed no holes to slip through. At the same time as mosquitoes and other insects can’t get into it.

Effective protection thanks to UV light

Who attaches no value that the animals get back into nature or is besieged by a large number of insects, that these must be curbed, which has access to rabiateren measures. The use of UV insect traps is one of the most effective methods against insects. You draw on it, that mosquitoes, wasps and other insect species have a natural weakness to UV light and feel attracted by this. The traps work depending on the model differently – while some immediately kill the animals by an electric shock, so others use an additional tape, don’t get rid of the animals. In their effectiveness, both methods are however in nothing and can decimate reliably mosquito plagues or aggressive wasps.


Distinguish between friend and foe – bee vs. WaSP

Dealing with intrusive insects during the summer, so the WaSP is always with. For several years, there is a veritable plague thanks to the mild winter, which could very well develop the animals. Differently it looks, however, when the bees. Since 2006, the speech – is the phenomenon of bee dying and that affects also the people that according to scientists, 30 percent of all food emerge only through the help of bees. Especially the changed living conditions resulting from climate changes and less food are responsible for the great dying. But also insecticides damage the animals. Therefore, it is all the more important that man as much as possible to protect the bee and integrated this awareness in his everyday life. This is why many people who are afraid of small animals, should understand that WaSP and bee greatly differ from each other. The most important difference: the bee dies after she stabbed, the WaSP, however, survived the bite without consequences.

Family at dinner with wasps Plage

Two species of insects should people are quiescent and avoid hectic movements. Wasps are the ones that preferably can be found at the dining table and have great interest in sweet dishes, meat and drinks. This does not apply to bees, they care not for food of all kinds, but only for nectar (the exception however is honey). At the dining table, they are therefore usually no danger and are instead in plants, where they peacefully gather nectar. Visually distinguish both species by some important features which can be looked up here. Both animals must not necessarily be killed in an emergency situation, just when the bee death is however much more serious, since it otherwise represents an important benefit for the people as the WaSP.

Besides being called also to support bees if they are weakened or can no longer fly. Here, a little sugar water on a spoon helps already, so the animal can enjoy and participate in the flight.

Beware of these insects of summer

Apart from pesky mosquito plagues or disturbing wasps, there are also a variety of other insects, which can make life hard for humans. Some of them bite and stick, others bring even serious health risks. The following representatives are particularly dangerous:

The tick – the little blood suckers sit in tall grass or bushes and bent on the blood of humans and animals. Thereby, they can transmit dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease and TBE. Just against Lyme disease, there is no vaccination, why is advisable in areas at risk wearing long clothes.
The brake – brake are extremely annoying insects, whose BiSS is also painful. In addition, you can transfer but also a number of diseases, including Lyme disease. You’re especially on sultry days active and like to in meadows and wetlands. Only thick clothing can help against them, because mosquito repellent does not strike against the annoying biting flies.
Blackfly – this species of mosquitoes is based mainly in southern Germany and is visually similar to the housefly. It has toxic saliva, which causes swelling and itching at the bite. The concentrated toxin may also cause fever. The handle to bug spray animals keeps effective distance.
Oak processionary moth – the small larvae are active only in June or July, during which they can be however dangerous the people. The animals have fine hair of poison which lead to rash of naked skin contact. Who inhales the hair, must also reckon with breathing problems. For this reason, the caterpillars every year on the new be fought extensively in public parks. Passers-by best protect themselves by making the area a wide berth.

aphids sucking on rose shoot

Helpful insects in the garden

Not every insect is a troublesome pest to humans, some of them are even very helpful and should be tolerated in the home garden. Including for example the Ladybug, which reliably eliminates aphid pests, falls but also bumble bees and Hoverflies include (in addition to bees) in the garden. They pollinate plants and ensure that fruit trees, cherries, apples and many other plants are abundant increase.

Who wants to do something good for the animals, which can provide a few branches and twigs the beneficial organisms, to offer them a home. Also included are a pile of stones heated by the Sun or dry wall. Thanks to the crevices, protected the animals from the weather and can, if necessary, lay eggs. A few wild plants in the garden, for example, a nettle are also useful. It serves as a food butterfly larvae.

Incidentally, even you are usually not very loved spiders helpful animals – because if they build their network at a low point, they ensure reliable reducing gnats, fruit flies and other pests. Who can befriend despite not with the long-legged animals, can catch them easily with a glass and released into freedom.

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