Summer, Sun, Garden Time!

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Every year again pleases us all summer time and encourages us to let go’s so good in the home garden, on the balcony or the terrace. Not infrequently it needs some new accessories and a bit of effort in advance but also manages the summer fun. We thought about a few things, which make the summer in the garden more beautiful.

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You start the fire Grill, smoker and co-

The vital equipment for the summer garden is a fine grilled – not only for men -. The decision on whether only a charcoal grill is really authentic, or whether it may be gas or electricity, is arguably a fundamental matter of faith. Real gourmets swear by Stoners who need but very long and must begin their work according to early on the day. But not only the barbecue itself is important, but also the trappings. Finally all guests want to sit comfortably, for example on rattan armchairs, lounge chairs, or an outdoorfähigen couch landscape. A practical and warmth-giving fire basket or a heating mushroom is recommended for the cooler evening hours. Also torches can warm and also ensure that rustic ambience.

garden time gartenparty grillparty garden furniture rattan sofa coffee table

Gardening with high tech

The relaxed evening grill buffet hours are of course only really perfect, if the garden drum is maintained around also top. Who has no desire for time-consuming gardening, or a little wants to spice it up, which one should look at the cool new gadgets is, which is to buy it now for the garden. So is a fully automatic robot mower not only practical and effective, but also futuristic looks and brings a hint of science fiction in the good old garden. Also hedge trimmer, axe and saw there today in very modern and easy-to-use Forms. If cleaning out his old equipment and a little invested, perhaps even finds more pleasure in gardening and can enjoy at the subsequent barbecue right life.

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Delicious food and cool drinks

Speaking of barbecue: every year, year after year the same range of sausages, neck steak and potato salad so now also no need. Who himself dares to try something new, you will be rarely disappointed. How about for example with fresh grilled vegetables or a meat-free version? So not every Grill session to stop the own cholesterol degenerate. But even fans of well-kept steaks can vary easily. The best tip: create your own marinade. There are recipes for great Marinades lots on the Internet or the relevant magazines. So, tastes the same meat always different and brings a whole new taste experiences. Also the drink selection is often less noticed, though just the drink is so important in the hot summer. Chilled juices, with fresh herbs refined iced tea or must-haves are just the classic lemon water for a day of relaxing garden. And don’t worry, this does not mean that evening, not even a beer should be on the table. By the way: The wine rack offers a surprisingly wide range of light wines which are served also cold and perfectly suitable for mild summer evenings for the summer.

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And please again do everything clean

The most uncomfortable is always cleaning up. It was already at that time in the nursery so and remain unfortunately also in adult life. But who does not force himself to clean up at least the basic necessities, gets closest tomorrow directly bad mood. Special tools such as some Grill cleaner or stone cleaner for the terrace boards are recommended for thorough cleaning. Thus remove themselves strongly adhering dirt and ensures clean, soon, so that the ambience remains intact as long as possible. The immediate clean up has another advantage, by the way: who gives the remains in the evening in the refrigerator quickly, has a wonderful reason to throw on the grill again the next day.

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