Terrace And Garden Design By Plants Spice Up

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beautiful landscaping plants fresh

Terraces and garden design – beautiful plants refresh the ambience

Super strictly-run garden design with straight lines could represent a wonderful performance. But at the same time, you need a special from element, which gives the whole a sense of Lushness and quirkiness. Vines could meet exactly this role. That’s why they super are popular.

Bignonia capreolata calls himself the way that we see in the picture here. How do you find them?

terraces and garden design Bignonia Capreolata

Next, we see a London terrace. How great are these garlands of Ivy. They make every day, where you sit on the terrace so joyful and festive. Also is this a great contribution to the streetscape.

Luxury, grandeur and rhythm are the characteristics which is reached

terraces and garden design plants Ivy

These two great examples should serve as a sort of introduction. We look at an another very great garden from nearby, however, which is full of other ideas.

It comes to the so-called “secret garden” next to the building of the London company of Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler Ltd.

terraces and garden design London

Elegant, modern environment

modern garden design symmetry London

The long narrow farms date back to the 18th century. Originally this House dates from this time.

But here the design to the rectangular drain pretty centrally positioned is focused

terraces and garden design of the secret garden

It has played here with nature to convey a strong sculptural message. We created thanks to the tree here, whose Zweige be separated in two.

So it has broken the strict symmetry of the room in a very natural and pleasant way

Gezweigter tree's secret garden

Don’t you think beautiful landscaping?

terraces and garden design London tree

From the pictures, you can learn the following things above all:

-To maintain dramatic device is very important;

-You should refresh always, if possible, the design with a water system;

-By paving stones, you can spice up the look definitely;

-You should enrich the whole thing definitely through lush greenery;

-You should think when designing on the green concept of the neighborhood, or the road

These rules are so simple, yet so effective. And they have proved their strong effect for centuries. See following terraces and garden design ideas so inspired!

Simple design, which looks but luxurious

Winterthur garden pond plants

The Winterthur garden impresses with its beauty

beautifully decorated garden terrace

The Sun’s rays illuminate the whole ambience

garden Steinweg mysterious ambience

A garden floors

stairs garden green ambience

Yellow flowers freshen the grey stairs

great design of the garden and the terrace

Purple and green look great together

living ideas terrace design plants

Candles in cages pimp the ambience on

elegant garden tree Bush candles

Particularly stylish design of the terrace

inspiring terrace design plants tree

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