Terrace Design-make You Your Patio A Place Of Destination.

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Terrace Gestaltung-make your patio a place of destination.

terrace design idea all

Transform your patio into a backyard retreat is easy. Check just these great ideas that we have collected when we visited a landscape in Portland, Oregon.

Every family has their own needs. The terraces, which we show are created primarily for the comfort and convenience of their owners. Read the tips, you can also use to make your patio exceptionally.

Think of your privacy

terrace design idea loneliness

Whether you have your neighborhood guest or enjoy time with a good book in hand, you want to be watched probably by any. Plants, vines, shrubs or small trees in strategic places, blocking the sight.

Terrace Gestaltung-make you of accessible

terrace design idea accessible

Set up your outdoor living space there, where you will be using it most. Place for example, a terrace outside your bedroom, there in the morning to enjoy your cup of coffee or Yoga exercises. Another cheaper place would it from the kitchen to go, if you often eat on the terrace.

Tiers designed

terrace design idea pitch

Step design in the garden and in the backyard is always interesting. Use as much-to – mow slopes, by establishing a multi-level patio. Here we show you a plant area that looks exactly.

Keep it simple

terrace design idea easy

Small, quiet corners are sometimes are the most pleasant and most comfortable places in the garden. To find corners in your yard where you set a Bank and a small side table and can make a mini terrace to enjoy your landscape.

Patio design – add container add

Terrace design idea container

One of the easiest ways to add interest to your patio, is to do it with one or two tanks. Select objects and pots that fit the room and your personal taste.  The rustling leaves of this beautiful plants (including miscanthus, ear of the elephants, and coleus), is stunning.

Patio design – closing scenery features a

terrace design idea House

A fixed tree dominates this terrace area. It could have been tricky to build around and to arrange. But shouldn’t be a problem, the tree plays the main role throughout the room, and the best would be to integrieren-him so how it’s made here in the exterior: with a curved staircase on both sides.

Add life

Terrace design idea life

Build low groundcovers between floor tiles to give your terrace an ancient look. Or try the same with bricks; just get killed some random brick from the bottom and place it lower (such as this golden creeping Jenny) in their place.

Design – choose you furniture comfortable terrace

terrace design idea furniture

To have the most beautiful terrace in the world, money and work will cost free you, if you don’t spend your leisure time. To find out such terrace furniture – comfortable and practical, that match your personal style. Take a look at how this Victorian reservoir to the tablecloth fits? Small details like this are the finishing touches that make your patio look great.

Add a focal point

Terrace design idea focus

This large, brave hearth is an ideal focus and a place where you want to come along. He also has a different function: many positive contributes to the privacy.

Patio design – stone wall with plants

Terrace design idea of soft stone

Stone walls and stone walls can appear cold and rough.  To add a little life into the image, you grow there different kinds of green plants. The photo shows a modified Fuchsia, Hosta, Japanese forestgrass, and ferns on a stone wall.


Terrace design idea Max room

Whether your patio is large or small, looking for short distances and small gone wrong. For example this stone bar is a perfect place to adjust to the a votive candle, to achieve a warm, cosy feel. You contrasted here with a striking Fuchsia.

Patio design – choose your favorite colors from

Terrace design idea favorite colors

Select only the colors for your patio, which you like best. Combine the flowers so that they result in a colorful sea of colour – you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Customize everything

Terrace design idea individual

In the era of mass sales, it’s easy to make a patio, which looks like this your friends or neighbors. But you could stress your individuality there by they make much themselves. This handrail is a great example of this – but you can do it easily with containers and other objects.

Add beauty and fragrance

Terrace design idea and scent

Give your patio a sweet fragrance, by planting plants with fragrant flowers or leaves. This climbing, for example asks you to stop and sniff.

Patio design – plant flowers to the himself cutting off

Terrace design idea cut flowers

It looks beautiful, if your patio with flowers is but be surrounded sure to include the beauties like these amazing Dahlias. If you have them in the garden, you could be on your table!

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