Terrace Renovation Diary: New York Stone Terrace With Portico

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Terrace renovation Diary: New York stone terrace with Pergola.

terrace renovation Gartendeko white room

A floor tile terrace and a new porch make the comfortable outdoor space and give it a completely new look that represents a seamless transition between the House and the terrace.

An associative outdoor room

This farm was subject to around 1870 in New York of a number of comprehensive and some unplanned renovations, the result was not satisfactory: an image built house with a windowless wall. A portico corrected the situation and United the two walls, to create an outdoor room.

The terrace before

terrace renovation Gartendek idea before

Before the Arcade to the outdoor area was added, one could call the exterior not necessarily beautiful.

The terrace afterwards

terrace renovation diary after

A portico, combined with a floor tile terrace which is masterfully landscaping design, animates the external aesthetic and offers a space where you want to come together with friends.

The preparation of the outdoor room

terrace renovation Gartendeko preparation

Building an outdoor garden room requires certain preparatory work in several steps. In this project, workers removed an obsolete window, to make way for a new door, which leads to the new outdoor area first.

Start of construction of the building

terrace to the renovation of Gartendeko construction start

Then began digging, in order to pave the ground.

Construction of the Terrace wall

terrace renovation Gartendeko of the wall building

Prior to the start of construction work, the owner of the House had to decide how high the wall should be. The seat height was good for them and now the wall has actually duplicate functions to fulfil.

The steigepflasterte terrace

Terrace renovation Gartendeko patio

The terrace floor was half covered with tiles, since the homeowner changed their point of view, they wanted a stone paved terrace. Here is the result! Great!

Build the Laube group

Terrace renovation Gartendeko Pergola building

It is always important to explore portico designs prior to the start of construction of the building. In this design, the pillars are not only functional, but also beautiful in appearance. The exterior was designed landscaping. After finishes of the portico, garden design began.

Mature Wisteria was a cute look

Terrace renovation Gartendeko construction work

The finished garden room.

Terrace renovation Gartendeko complete

Porticos can better define any outdoor area. Here antiques will add even more character to the room and handmade works give much charm to the outdoor terrace.

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