Terrace Surface Search – Need Help?

terrace surface concrete tile pebbles modern terrace design

So choose the right patio flooring

The resolutions for the new year also renovations happen to many people at home. Want to renew the exterior in the coming year?

But we go back one step. Think about why you do that? You were not satisfied with the old design? What’s your experience with the design of the terrace? Was it good enough? Because if the terrace covering was previously not well chosen, you could now change this.

Floor covering for your patio

terrace surface concrete tile fireplace in the garden outdoor furniture potted plants

Let’s talk today about different types of patio covering. If you now make the optimal choice, then the next refactoring will be real again after many years. Even then, it may be that they you less effort than usually costs. A matching patio covering the home owner can serve quite a long time wonderfully.

Combine concrete slabs and pebbles

terrace flooring concrete Pebble outdoor furniture Chair

The appropriate style of terrace flooring

Firstly, you need to determine exactly what a feeling you want to have on the terrace. Should the equipment be more minimalist or the environment can be better to bear? Or do you want more tropical and green it?

Because, depending on the case, there are different types of patio covering.

Wood and pebbles

terrace flooring wood pebbles as tiles assigned

Green terrace flooring

Many people who like lots of greenery on the terrace. There are artificial carpets. You are slightly dirty, but also relatively easy wash. You collect but often a lot of water. Have a suitable place to dry. Do you have enough time you will invest in maintenance every week?

Green design ideas for your patio

terrace flooring concrete grass planting outdoor furniture wood

Variety of materials

terrace surface tiled grass planting outdoor figures

Grass carpet on the balcony

terrace covering grass carpet outdoor furniture city apartment balcony

Artificial grass tiles

terrace covering grass carpet tiles grass planting outdoor wood

Tiles as terrace covering

Here you have many different variations. But see to that they are adapted to outdoor. You must not be damaged by Sun and cold. In addition, they should be easy to clean. Inside, it’s hard enough to clean the tiles. What remains out there with so much wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions.

Laying concrete tiles

terrace flooring Fliesn concrete outdoor furniture wood

Rubber terrace flooring

Here is our special tip for today. Many of the above problems can be solved immediately by using a rubber patio covering. In the following we want to say more about its properties. So you yourself can decide whether this is the right option for you.

Rubber as a patio covering is an unusual solution. But it is not excluded. It connects them with pretty much certainty. You can install these if necessary only on a part of the terrace. That could be about the play area for the children.

Vinyl floor tiles look (checkerboard)

terrace surface tiled chessboard pattern outdoor furniture

Put it in the safest place of the terrace. Install a canopy, a Playset with slide, perhaps a sandpit. Now you can be quiet. The little ones will spend most of the time there. You will be on the secure site. Even if they fall, they will not get hurt. The rubber terrace covering themselves can be severely damaged.

Linolium floor with rattan carpet on it and stones on the edge

terrace flooring vinyl flooring rattan furniture carpet

In terms of aesthetics, the rubber surface of the terrace can be jazzed up also. Various nuances are possible, as well as the combinations with other materials.

Modern terrace design

terrace surface concrete tile wood outdoor furniture

Terrace flooring concrete

Terrassembelag concrete outdoor furniture bamboo privacy

Roof terrace with wooden floor

terrace flooring wood outdoor furniture wooden floor

The terrace of a modern apartment in the city

terrace flooring wood outdoor furniture modern city apartment

Sustainable ideas with Oriental flair

Terrassembelag wooden planks grass terrace design

Sustainable fashion the small balcony

terrace flooring wood flooring pebbles privacy bamboo

Natural materials in use – wood, rattan and bamboo

terrace flooring wood tiles rattan furniture privacy bamboo

Wood laying on the balcony

terrace flooring wood tile patio design ideas

Wood flooring and stone tiles – typical of the Asian style

terraces wood flooring and tile wood privacy

Mosaic tiling

terraces flooring mosaic tiles braided furniture chairs

Rustic and Mediterranean

terraces flooring mosaic tiles braided furniture chairs rustic

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