The Air Garden Figures

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the air garden design urban glass ball decoration

The air garden design

If you look around after that, add more life and freshness to your interior design, you are here with us in the right place. We have passion for stylish decoration with the so called air plants. Maybe you know already know by this natural wonder and how it has conquered the designer world, but safety, we want to present here only a few facts.At the beginning, the air plant known as Tillandsia, she absorbed the water and nutrients through their leaves. She needs no ground Earth to survive, but she need plenty of water.

On this picture we see a beautiful air plant – superb selection of ProPlants. Actually grows the plant very well in a glass ball with pebbles and vines adorned.

Air plant care

the air garden design urban glass ball window daylight

You know how you should take care of this plant? Fertilizer and watering are two ways to keep it moist. Our tip is to take away the air plant from the ball and carefully to soak them once a week 2-3. According to further information, ask at your local nursery or in the place.

Air plants decoration

the air garden design urban glass ball pebbles diversity

When it comes to decorating with air plants, the possibilities are endless. Many people prefer a glass ball, like this one, which is pictured here. Another solution is to integrate the plant with succulent arrangements and add more accents such as shells or branches for a whimsical effect.These plants very well combined with other frills like knickknacks and strange art treasures.

Don’t forget… You can make a private garden with air plants, by collecting more of them.

Magical, whimsical houseplantthe air garden design urban glass ball pebbles garden design with air plants and a beautiful decoration the garden air plants design urban glass ball combined with

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