The Beauty Of Magnolias: Getting Started With Planting And Care

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Getting started with planting and care the magnolias

Magnolias are among these flowers, which are very highly appreciated all over the world and in the most diverse cultures for their beautiful shapes and colors. They grow up as bushes or trees. The flowers are white, pink, red, purple or yellow.

Some varieties are Evergreen. They have shiny leaves with a texture that feels like leather. Their buds, the underside of the leaves and the stems are covered with a golden layer. Their nuance goes sometimes in grey brown.

The beauty of the Magnolia

Magnolia tree garden plants and trees

There are more than 200 Magnolia varieties around the world. Magnolia comes from the different regions. The climate in these ranges by measured, through to more tropical than subtropical. So, you have different homelands that are distributed in South and North America. But they grow well all over the world in many places, because they have become so popular just because of their beauty.

You want to grow also Magnolia? Then you would have to remember some important questions. After this, you can choose appropriate varieties.

Magnolia tree in the front yard

Magnolia tree In the front yard design

The first criterion, after which you should choose the Magnolia trees for your garden, is the climate of their homelands. Europe you should refer for example to such varieties, which grow in the colder parts of North America.

What is there for a winter in your area?

Magnolia tree In the front yard design garden plants

Most magnolias like moist, Earth through well watered with a slightly acidic character. A neutral will do well where rather less to alkaline soil.

Magnolias can adapt well to clay and sandy soils. But as I just said – they need to be mediocre to abundantly watered.

What an earth do you have in the garden?

Magnolia tree In the front yard growing garden plants

You have a huge choice in this regard. You should take a well considered choice Allerding when your space is limited. First, you must decide whether you want a shrub, a smaller or larger tree. Then we need to think about whether they want to have the Magnolia rather due to their flowers or the great Evergreen appearance.

The specific answers to these questions would continue to restrict your choice…

Choosing the right kind of Magnolia

magnolias blossomed and branches in the vase garden figures

See all 200 types there are but which, are especially popular. You should pay particular attention this in our opinion. These are Magnoliastellata, Magnolia × Soulangeana (Magnolia × soulangeana), southern Magnolia, Magnoliachampaca.

The four most popular varieties

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Best you should plant the Magnolia trees in warmer climates in the autumn. That’s because outside of their active time. In colder climates, you should do this in late spring.

The Evergreen magnolias are to plant in late spring.

The first 6-12 months of growth will develop better magnolias, if they would cover it with straw. You must be cast during this period also plentiful and regularly.

What time of year should you plant magnolias?

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Before planting, you should remove the upper layer of the soil from the plant container or the container in which the plant is located. You would get to see the top of the root. These are the first 5 cm.

In the case of root ball proceed somewhat differently. You must first remove everything that is on this here. Use with a trowel or a knife and make slits that are up to 2.5 cm deep. So you can eliminate tangled roots that may otherwise affect the growth.

How exactly does the implantation of Magnolia?

Magnolia tree In the front yard design garden plants flourished

Now it comes to the hole where you can insert the plant. It must be approx. 1.5 times as wide as the plant container or the container in which the plant is located. The hole must be then slightly less deep than this vessel.

After you now use the magnolias, filling the space around them around with the same Earth, which you have just dug out of this hole. Definitely not the roots that are to cover.

After planting, you should periodically pour the next few weeks and the best the next months long. In warmer climates are pouring three times and to recommend for cooler – twice.

Buy your Magnolia from a well validated site

Magnolia white beauty of nature flourished

Magnolias are sensitive. They should be well maintained, so that you get them in a good condition. So, you have good chances, that is all very well developed.

To verify whether the sellers are knowledgeable, ask some specific questions. For the answers you find out in how far they are versed in the topic.

What should you look when you choose the magnolias?

magnolias were blooming beauty naturalness

Here are now some points to which you especially should pay attention, if you choose the magnolias.

The bars should be well distributed and not involved. The roots should look good. Healthy-looking roots are white, while the sick get a rather Brown shading. Some are also black and have a sour smell.

Also, avoid magnolias with the following characters:

Leaves with stains, torn sheets and those who exhibit discoloration;
Discolored bars;
Broken bars;
Coiling themselves and each other sticky bars;
Wounds on the root;
Discoloured roots.

We wish you much success with your new Magnolia trees and many beautiful moments in their care!

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