The Cottage Garden – A Wild Garden In The English Style

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Find your perfect relaxation in the cottage garden

The British are since ever her for her clear and simple style known. Also when it comes to the design of gardens, it otherwise behaves. The English version of the counter formed from contrary to the pompous baroque gardens of France in the 18th century, which we know today as the English garden . Originally he had even a moral enlightenment claim that as the embodiment of the desire for a humane and liberal society. And this explains also the style of these gardens: where he seemed alienated from nature as in the overloaded baroque gardens, he was a symbol of oppression (as a rule of man over nature). So hardly flowering plant, can be found in the classic English gardens but rather plants that would correspond to a natural landscape, which however does not mean that such a garden is unexpectedly left the sprawl.

The gardens were designed as large parks today also the private garden owners on such a concept can enjoy. The following provides some suggestions on how you can transform your garden to a small patch of paradise.

Silent nature and pure romance

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The cottage-& garden

The principle of English parks were reduced this to a realistic surface: at the cottage garden, one thinks of a comfortable haven in the countryside, exudes casual elegance by its unstructured wildness. -Covered stone walls or hedges form the formal framework of climbing plants. The Evergreen yew and deciduous beech species suitable for the latter. Various types of lavender and boxwood are suitable for lower borders of flower beds and paths. Also not a cottage-garden without roses is complete: shrub roses or climbing roses on the House wall that left you. Also fruit trees should not be missing in such gardens. To be cultivated vegetable that is grown directly in the flowerbed to underscore the wild must also.

The Queen of flowers is present everywhere

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Here again the typical plants one such garden in the overview:

Perennials (E.g.: aconite, Veronica, Knautie, Lily, phlox, mullein)
Bulbous plants (for example: leek, dahlias, Gladiolus, spring)
Ornamental shrubs (for example: Hydrangea, lilac, snow ball)
Climbing plants (for example: Clematis, Wisteria)
Fruit (especially apples)
Soft fruit
Vegetables (such as cabbage)
Culinary herbs

Traditional English Idyll

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It is important to note that taking care of these plants will be operated not overzealous, but remains limited to what is necessary. A cottage garden is exactly the right type for those who like to relax take it. The many time remaining to relax, may like to be spent on the corresponding furniture: rocking chairs and benches and tables made of wood and metal in rustic design or English vintage style complete the picture. If you are missing yet the proper establishment or the equipment to plant and maintain trees, Strauch and co., you’ll find it at and get the order conveniently delivered to the specified address. Full time for the time for tea…

Flower dreams in the summer

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