The Elephant Ear Plant Will Spice Up Your Outdoor and Indoor Area

elephant ear plant as a potted plant foliage wall color bright green

Elephant ear plant – green joy in winter and summer

The name of this plant is as exotic and unique as its origin itself. The elephant ear is also called a painting brush in some languages. It comes from South Africa. In its flower period stems grow up to 25 cm high.

The flowering period of this plant takes a very long time. It covers the autumn and winter months. But let’s get back to the name. Obviously, it is not because of the flowers that the plant got such a name. The leaves are more responsible for this. They make for a striking appearance all year round, even when the flowers are no longer there. This is precisely the reason for the popularity of the elephant ear plant. In summer, when the other plants are in bloom, the elephant ear comes into its own through the great appearance of the leaves. In winter, when most other plant species stand still in their flowers, the elephant ear plant really blooms again.

The leaves of this plant resemble elephant ears

elephant ear plant as potted plant foliage houseplants

The bars themselves are very interesting. They are long and strong and allow the flowers to pass successfully through the other leaves.

The flower head is very compact. It consists of several upright, narrow, white flowers. They are surrounded by a few broad, greenish-white bracts.

Young plant for repotting

young plant elephant ear foliage living room decoration interior design ideas

The origin of the elephant ear plant

We have always been of the opinion that if one understood more precisely where a plant comes from, one would also be able to care for it better under the given conditions. This is exactly what we want to tell you through our explanations of these aspects. Elephant ear plants often grow in colonies. If they are set next to each other in a larger number of pieces. The leaves overlap and form dense colonies.

With two-colored foliage

elephant ear plant pot plants foliage

The maximum size the elephant ear plants can reach

The elephant ear plants usually leave them with the growth very much time. Sometimes only a few new leaves can be added within a year. But don’t worry, this is normal.

Buy giant and impressive Elafante ear

elephant ear pot as houseplant potted plants

The texture of the elephant ear plant

The texture of the elephant ear plant is really dense. When the flowers are there, they are also heavy. The flowers are leathery and grow quite close to the ground. You can combine this property with the ability of the elephant ear plant to form small “babies”. This results in an upright dense and lush appearance.

Green room decoration with elephant ear leaves

elephant ear foliage living room decoration interior design ideas

Reasons why you often decide to plant for the elephant’s ear

One particularly likes the flowers, the evergreen leaves and their easy-care character on the elephant ear plant.

Place the pot plant close to the window.

elephant ear foliage window decoration interior design ideas

Color combinations and partners

At the end let us talk a little about the color combinations and possible partners for the elephant plant. The green together with the white flowers, which will eventually be crowned with yellow tips, will create a unique appearance.

These subtropical plants are tolerant of other higher and shady plants. At the same time, they can enrich flowering plants in summer with the sculptural appearance of their leaves.

Front garden design with elephant ear plants

elephant ear plant In the garden garden plants garden design

The flower

elephant ear bloomed garden garden plants Bllühend

Thriving elephant ear

elephant ear plant In the garden garden plants Bllühend

Potted plants in the workplace

houseplants in the workplace elephant ear potted plant

Combine the elephant ear plant with other houseplants

elephant ear potted plant foliage green interior design ideas

Patio design ideas with potted plants

elephant ear plant as a potted plant terrace design ideas

As a garden plant

elephant ear plant In the garden garden plants

Splendid green plants in the garden

garden plant elephant ear plant In the garden landscaping ideas

Choose bright site

pot plant elephant ear plant as a houseplant

Shady site in the corner

elephant ear plant as a potted plant seedlings

And do you know how the elephant foot plant looks?

elephant ear plant as a houseplant potted plants
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