The Hibiscus – Delicate Flowers From The Far East

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hibiscus Chinese rose exotic pink

Interesting facts about the Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a beautiful exotic car, who feels at home here for a long time in Europe. This plant, called on German also hibiscus, belongs to the family of the Mallow family. The genus is about 600 species and is found primarily in the tropics and subtropics. Asia is considered the homeland of hibiscus. Often, the plant is referred to as Chinese rose.

Depending on the variety, the Hibiscus can be an a – or perennial plant. It is herbaceous, shrub and finding even a tree. The magnificent flowers are symmetrical and usually five sepals, which are fused campanulate. The petals are delicate and in many different colours.

Asian beauty in sunny yellow

hibiscus yellow flowering shrub

This flower grace is not only in her noble beauty to admire. She also has other hidden features as food and medicine. So, you can enjoy the Hibiscus not only in the garden or on the windowsill, but also literally taste it. He belongs to the edible flowers and is perfect for different dishes or as a decoration to sweets. Also the Hibiscus tea is world famous. He has an intense red color and can be drunk hot or too cold. The tea as Karkadeh is known in Egypt and Sudan, as well as in Eastern Europe. Hibiscus at the many Curry dishes is used in South Asian cuisine.

Delicious, healthy beverage

hibiscus Chinese rose healthy edible syrup

A popular tea around the world

hibiscus tea healthy drinking

Since time immemorial, healing properties have been attributed to the Hibiscus tea. The plant was used in folk medicine, particularly in Asia and Africa, always with many complaints. Above all the chalices and external cups of hibiscus sabdariffa, which are picked and dried are used. Nowadays the modern investigations that the plant is a rich source of vitamin C and contains many acids, such as Malic acid, citric acid and tartaric acid turned out. The flowers contain many phytochemicals that act as powerful antioxidants. Hibiscus has therefore also blood pressure and anti ossified. Already three cups fresh hibiscus tea completely sufficient, to normalize your blood pressure. The plant also for eczema, circulatory ailments and colds is very effective.

Smooth purple in the garden

hibiscus purple flowers shrubs

If you look at the Hibiscus but still only as a beautiful flower, then you should know that you bring a low-maintenance flowers in the House or in the garden with him. As a garden plant of the Hibiscus needs a sunny spot where he also regularly should be poured. Avoid in any case of waterlogging. Once per year, you should intersect the plant in the spring. This is also the best time for relaying. Balcony plant, rosa sinensis is most preferred the hibiscus. Here, the same rules apply, except you should bring the plant before the first frost in autumn in the House.

As with all plants, is also the main rule – love your plant and maintain them properly. The Hibiscus will thank you with gorgeous flowers and gentle aroma.

Colourful on the windowsill

Hibiscus flowers colorful windowsill

Take pride on your own flowers

hibiscus large, colorful flowers

Sweet grace in Orange

hibiscus Chinese rose orange flower

Romantic and passionate with water drops

hibiscus Chinese rose red flower

Natural harmony and perfection

hibiscus tropical flowers shrubs Hummingbird

The Oriental Queen of flowers in all their glory

hibiscus yellow violet flower perfection

Warm colours and smooth shapes

Delphinium orange blossom Herrlich

Royal and graceful in red

Delphinium red flowers shrub

Snow-White opulence as a garden plant

hibiscus white flowers shrub

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