The Larkspur – Summer Inspiration With Gorgeous Flowers

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Larkspur garden plant colorful flowers

What do you know about the Larkspur?

Larkspur – a proud, beautiful flower, which comes from the Alps. She loves to moderate temperatures and sunny places. This perennial plant can reach up to 200 centimeters height. It belongs to the genus of delphiniums (Delphinium) in the family of Ranunculaceae. Its stem is upright and scattered hairs. The flowers are rich and shaped in a grape. Most of the time there are purple and blue flowers, but also pink and white are not rare to see. The heyday of the dandelion’s is from June to August.

Seductive pretty in pink

Larkspur garden plants pink variety

The plant is toxic However despite their beauty and elegance. Families should be so carefully with small children. Avoid to place bouquets also in closed rooms and use the flowers of dandelion’s definitely not as decoration for your menus.

Otherwise, this proud flower but is an excellent choice for your garden or balcony. The dandelion’s maintenance is relatively easy to make. However, the flower for some diseases such as mildew is pretty vulnerable and slugs love them too.

You can use regular potting soil and fertilize it with compost. Other organic and mineral fertilizers is also very recommended. Larkspur needs ample nutrients for its normal development. The sowing time is usually from May to June and is quite simply because the plant in groups can grow. If you cut the Larkspur in the summer, he can once again drive and bloom in late summer. Simply cut the flower stems after flowering about 2o centimeters back.

Festival of colors on the field

Larkspur garden plants flower box

To the garden mainly two types of Larkspur – Delphinium elatum Delphinium belladonna recommended. The difference between the two is mainly to build of the flowering panicles. The first kind is higher and the second is low and steady.

One last tip for today with regard to the mildew infestation:

Spray the plants several times at intervals of 2 to 4 days with a mixture of milk and water in a 1:1 ratio.

Are you ready to invite this wonderful plant in your garden? We hope that our information and tips for the appropriate care of benefits were. In the summer, we wish you lots of fun.

Perfection in detail

Larkspur garden plants blue flower close up

Larkspur can be combined perfectly well with other flowers

Larkspur garden plants flower combination white roses

Beautiful bouquet of flowers in the summer

Larkspur plants garden bouquet

Lower grades are perfectly suited as potted plants

Larkspur garden plants Chinese variety pots

Very young, juicy stems

Larkspur garden plants, young plants

Flower grape in intense blue

Larkspur garden plant succulent flowers blue

Innocent and perfect in white

Delphinium garden plant white flowers

Wild beauty pure

Larkspur garden plants wild growing herbs

Beautify your garden with this proud flower

Delphinium purple white bell-shaped flowers Blau Lange

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