The Magic Of Spices On My Terrace

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Basil spices terrace garden

Magic of spices – live healthy

Green, green, looks deceptively green my terrace this summer! And I want it all reveal – the magic of spices on my terrace: I’m really proud of it! I just admit it: my beautiful green plants, I now have a special green corner there. There it smells pleasantly fresh! Yes, fresh herbs! This is my herbal paradise I guess especially high, namely because my even farmed herbs are! Yes, the green thumb’s here with the game on my terrace! Isn’t it, you wonder perhaps what I got it on the terrace?

Cooking can be even more enjoyable

terrace magic of spices dill herbs

Basil is also my favorite among the Green herbs, but certainly also the favorite spice of millions of German housewives. It doesn’t like the Sun and needs a powerful shower in the evening. I am but so glad to have always fresh and good-smelling Basil tangibly close, because I really like to use it when cooking.

DIY Garden on the terrace – Basil

terrace spices Basil herbs

Grow Basil

Basil spice herbs terrace garden

Fragrant Basil

magic of spices Basil breeding terrace

My parsley grows so well in this summer outside in a small pot, that I have before, to plan a larger tank for them next year. I can imagine no real fresh summer salad without parsley. And you? Just have to be really careful in the water, otherwise she will turn yellow. This also applies to the chives. I have also some of it in another container.

Magic of spices – parsley

terrace spices garden parsley herb pot

Parsley goes great with salad

terrace magic of spices parsley

Parsley in a pot

terrace magic of spices parsley growing herbs


terrace magic of spices garden chives

Sage, thyme, and my beloved Rosemary pot are but most pflegeleichtesten. They surpass all others and smell so nice! Of course, I must not forget three other important herbs which round out the look of my terrace and much for the scent there, chervil, dill and coriander are. The last fits wonderfully to the meat, fish and also every vegetarian meal, therefore the coriander is one of my favorite herbs. And can you imagine a salmon filet in parchment with dill? I love to cook that. Then the whole kitchen smells so fresh and the food tastes very good! Yes, I love the herbal kitchen. And you?


terrace magic of spices garden Sage


terrace magic of spices thyme


terrace magic of spices garden Rosemary

Grow fresh herbs on the terrace -Rosemary

terrace magic of spices Rosemary herbs


terrace magic of spices garden Chervil

Chervil in the potterrace magic of spices Chervil

Grow fragrant herbs on the terrace

magic of spices herbs Chervil breeding


magic of spices dill breeding terrace

Fresh dill

magic of spices dill breeding

Dill in the potterrace magic of spices dill growing herbs


terrace magic of spices garden cilantro

Coriander spice

magic of spices DIY garden coriander breeding

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