The Palm In The Garden Or As Indoor Plant – Is Both Possible

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Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm houseplants

Hemp Palm – the beauty in the garden

Yes, you have to not even really read the title – there’s a Palm, the Palm, which has a special potential in this regard. We do not mean also that you must maintain the Palm at home in the winter garden.

Rather it is Trachycarpus fortunei a Palm variety that is Hardy and can survive snowy in your outdoor area. So she can quite successfully also contribute to the enrichment of the green landscape in front of your House.

The Chinese hemp Palm is a hardy Palm species

Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm trees Hardy

The tolerance limits of the Palm in terms of temperatures

Well, depending on the region in which you live, you should take appropriate measures. Because the Palm can hold up to 17 degrees, but at lower temperatures, she would freeze already. In specialist shops, you will find some special blankets and hoses, which contribute to warming up the hemp Palm.

Covered with snow – this is perfectly alright

Chinese hemp Palm care In winter cold hardy Palms

The origin of the hemp Palm

If you want to learn about the history of hemp Palm trees, you would understand more easily why actually these can withstand low temperatures. They were brought from the Himalayas to Europe. Up there in the mountains, they have had to deal always with the colder weather conditions.

Exotic flair in the garden

Chinese hemp Palm care landscaping ideas

When was the Palm popular

Usually, we renounce this kind of stories. But at the same time were so uniquely interesting such as the Palm that we decided to do this, to know a little more about it. This is one of these species, which are very exciting and interesting not just because of the looks, but in fact also because of the story behind it. First one has discovered it in the 40s of the last century. Then, the Palm became popular again in the 80s and 90s of this century.

The Green decoration in the entrance area has become very popular

Chinese hemp Palm care cold hardy Palms

Appearance of hemp Palm

We have just said that this is a kind of Palm tree, which you would have to have at home not only because of the appearance. But at the same time, the appearance in this case represents a very important reason. The stem is covered with hairy Anwüchsen, which is already very interesting. It was also very fashionable, that it shuts down the sheets to the base in a certain period. The Palm look like an Kokonussbaum. We find this but not a good idea. In our opinion the plant is beautiful enough by nature and should therefore be kept in their natural form.

The Palm is also one of the most popular Types of indoor Palm plants

Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm species

The flowers

Very interesting is also the flowers of hemp Palm. You have somehow prehistoric appearance. You look for something like grapes. With time, they germinate and appear in hundreds under the female Palm trees. Due to be transferred by the birds, they can also be found everywhere in the garden and yard.

Want to make a Mediterranean garden ?

Chinese hemp Palm Garden Palm species

So here is also caution: you must well take care that the garden is not eventually owned hundreds of Palm trees. Well, if you grow such a hemp Palm now. But what about next year?

A young Palm tree under the big Palm

Chinese hemp Palm Garden Palm trees cold hardy

A meter-high indoor plant

Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm a meter high

Beautiful rooms Palm for your home in the blue flower pot

Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm Palm species

Potted plants for sale

Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm Palm tree species seedlings

The Palm as a houseplant

Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm species of Palm trees potted plants

Make up with still a room Palm known- Rhapis excelsa

potted Chinese hemp Palm care potted Palm species

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