The Rose Types – A Splendid Feast For The Senses

rose types collage

The different rose types and their place in your yard

You can say it is common for centuries in most European traditions that it maintains many great roses species in the garden. If you look at everything from a contemporary perspective, this is all the more great. Because you have many current, modern roses species, which it might push for a more colourful and more beautiful smelling garden use.

The rose types in the parks and representative gardens

rose species flowers wave colorful

One of the most charming properties which characterised the roses that represents the ability to bring us to dream. How do they do it? Let us at large parks and gardens from romantic fairy tale, pictures and movies, think. Because there they find wide application for a long time.

The reason is, above all, the great decorative potential, which they show all the time. This is due to the flowers. All roses of types of have wonderful, splendid flowers. While they show so a great variety in terms of the nuances and shades that you can paint stunning images that practically in the parks and gardens.

A splendid, English rose garden

rose types mix

The size of the rose quite varies for different varieties. You can be very small and decorative, so really small potted plants. You can be but also very large bushes. In one case, you could make about provocative look out the window. This, in the other, you can cover up for example the ugly fence and make more and great look.

Colorful roses

Did you know that there are also those species under the rose, showing colorful flowers? These could help to avoid the too “sterile” appearance in an otherwise perfectly after all rules created.

Pure joy of color

rose types of colorful Garden

The rose petals and their wonderful aromas

During the whole summer – so from May till the autumn, seen the great flowering of roses. If you plant species many different roses, your garden in this period will look like a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers. To get the great aroma, which spread from it. Not only that. Also the beautiful, smooth, brilliant leaves represent a specific, great property, which the Roses beautifully can spice up the garden.

Rosa Damascena – the world-famous Bulgarian rose

rose types of Bulgarian rose pink

Where should you plant the different rose types?

Now, to make concrete what, so you can enjoy this variety of colors, shades, shapes? Just grow and let grow? They can the rose plant Yes, so, paint a particular picture that suits your taste. But so that you experience no disappointment with regard to your work, you should adhere to some important rules. Because according to roses and their type, there are various locations that would be suitable for planting.

The mini rose types should be used on a separate border. Alternatively you could accompany a small alley in the garden. So you will emphasize their form in a great way.

This rose is very suitable also for your arcade

Roses arcades small flowers

Also great colorful characters within the wide green spaces can be created with the low growing rose species. The uniform structure of the bushes, as well as the plant 25-30 cm distance provides excellent results.

The decorative rose bushes are very typical for the parks and prestigious garden design. You can reach a size of between 80 and 120 cm. They show a not so regular branch, have smooth leaves and resist the cold beautifully. You could work wonderfully as a privacy screen and flanking several areas in the garden.

Most popular roses the four species belong to the Group of climbers. You have great and colored appear wonderful grid construction, and covered seating areas. You can make it a rose arch at the entrance, or even tunnels. The roses can grow up to a height of 2-3 meters. Wonderful looks the combination with other climbers.

A majestic wall decoration

Rose types arcades wall decoration

Roses with very high bars

These types of roses are characterized by relatively high bars and beautiful, magnificent flowers resting on. Like all also, blossom others they all summer long. Putting like individually distributed them as accents in the green areas. They could plant it in rows beside the aisles. Keep in mind that a distance between 1 and 2 metres will be necessary.

A beautiful Rosenbaum full of flowers

rose types Rosenbaum pink

At the end, we have some general tips, which are important for all rose types. In the first place, the enchanting flowers need sunny places in the garden. Also, you would need to perform daily and suitable care, so that you can achieve good results.

A feast for the eyes

rose types classic red pink yellow white

Curl-like petals in Orange and yellow

rose types bloom curls

The fabulous black rose

rose types Dark red black

Flower alarm in red

rose types of garden roses red

Unique in lemon yellow

rose species yellow Garden Roses

A beautiful dream in purple

rose types classic pink

A summer garden like in the fairy tale

Rose species small flowers pink white

Uncommon beauty in pale purple

rose species Purple Rose

Bushy and delicate at the same time

rose species yellow historic rose

Rose arches in pink

rose types metal arches pink

Classic orange-red flowers

rose species Orange Garden

Lovely and smooth in the garden

rose Park conditioner bushes

Rosa rugosa – the unique, Japanese rose

Rose species Rosa Rugosa Japanese

Vintage pink with delicate flowers

rose species pink delicate flowers

The Wisley Rose – an old English style

rose species pink old cultivar Wisley English

Splashes of color in pink and white

roses mixed species Pink White

A charming trio

rose species Rosa Weiß Red

Romantic with water drops

rose species red water drops

Oval shapes, gentle fragrance

rose types of vintage pink

A very special jewel of nature

rose species unusually colorful

Delicate pink buds

rose types of vintage pink

A remarkable color duo of red and white

roses white red flower types