The Slow Gardening Trend – Many Unexpected Benefits To Health And The Environment

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the slow gardening trend fancy lanterns

The slow gardening trend

Are you some hippie in your garden? Are you relaxed while cutting off some of the shrubs and hedges? Each day to enjoy the growth of your organic vegetables? So, you’re a fan of the trend of “Slow Gardening”? This trend has been inspired by the Carlo Petrinis slow food movement.

The American Garden entrepreneurs rushing fields had the idea for this initiative. More precisely it is here not much to practical gardening. It comes to self-knowledge, personal responsibility and environmental awareness.

It’s the right attitude and not a check-list! Actually have the most modern gardeners a “slow gardening” setting.

After relaxation, you crave the old days where you could take the time for everything? You feel the rhythm of time and the changing of the seasons and works in ‘Cooperation’ with these. Today it is not so much the rule, but rather the principles. You can install this then in use.

The main objective of the “slow gardenings” is the processing of own plants, selection for matching the micro-climate varieties, economical use of water, composting.  Instead of the artificial decoration, you designed the plant details in a decorative manner.

We contribute therefore actively for the improvement of the environment, for getting some animal species and for a healthier air in our neighbourhood.

Colourful, lush vegetation

slow gardening trend lush flowers great vegetation

1. an enjoyable process.

Know this: you have a picture of your favorite garden within the meaning, and you can hardly wait to realize this? You can buy many Solitäpflanzen with money and thus quickly reach a beautiful garden. But this is not the method of the “slow Gardenings”. In the case of the “slow” gardening, you can enjoy the process as much as the result. It is not so difficult to maintain grass and perennial plants. For this, you just need the appropriate seed or sections. The dream garden will take much time, but it will pay off. You will have also a valuable learning process for the specifics and the nature of plants. You are a part of your life!

How to grow shrubs from seeds much more difficult alone. You can buy instead small plants, and then over time they grow. The real enjoyment is in the maintenance and monitoring of the different stages of the process.

2. choose plants with flowers for your garden.

Designing according to the rules of the “slow gardening”, the location and the type of planting a play an essential role. Plants suitable for the micro-climate will grow thanks to the natural concern of nature and much less work to invest in their restoration.

The plants develop well, if them for a pass of Habitus are been thought

slow gardening trend delicate purple flowers and fern

3. the preservation of the water can be done quite in a stylish way.

On the basis of climate change, the preservation of water is an increasingly important issue. This applies particularly for garden maintenance. The economical use of water is the third principle of work here. An integral property of the collecting of water is rain barrels and storage of rainwater in the different seasons.

There are much better solutions than the Green barrels

the slow gardening trend futuristic design

4. invest in home-made fertilizer for the garden.

The capacity of the Earth for moisture retention is very important for your success in the garden. You can achieve this by using organic materials such as steel manure, mold or compost. The latter is particularly hot recommended by slow gardening specialists.

Great storage boxes made of coarse wood panels

slow gardening trend gross storage boxes wood plates

No mysterious matter is to create compost. It takes time and much knowledge but to penetrate the things exactly. Only through deep knowledge, you will achieve the best results. One learns best by watching.

Of course, you can get just a few chemical fertilizers from the business next door. Is it worth however? Is it not nice to have some patience and enjoy also a pure nature.

5. cultivate the “slow” alternative to Fast Food.

You must have no land to produce their own products. Also a few spots may be adequate. You can literally build: make small areas for cultivating the plant.

You can produce many kinds of salads and spices. You will be cut off and regrow.

A culinary herb exhibition

slow gardening trend very many culinary herbs

6. take the Rasenscherer from the use.

The lush Emerald lawn was a part of many farms in the past. This tradition continues in many contemporary gardens by artificial, high plastic bushes.

Small terrace with stone slabs

slow gardening trend comfortable mattresses freshness

Why is this necessary? Because the alternative requires a lot of time. But if you invest the time, the necessary conditions for a thriving garden, such as beneficial insects, by itself will come. The garden maintenance will be much easier in the long run.

Privacy and robust plant design by Lynn Gaffney architect, PLLC

the slow gardening trend privacy wood

7. create a natural atmosphere of wild life.

If you choose small, native shrubs, the garden will certainly be a place of refuge. Also you can help much further the environment through the dissemination of natural flora.

Feel like in the forest

the slow gardening trend Wildewiese lush grass

At the end we have a harmonious picture, thanks to the “Slow Gardenings came about”. However, your garden can adapt so beautifully the rules of your life. You need only to the principles internalize and believe in their meaning.

Their own health – mentally and physically will improve greatly as a result.

Build colorful leafy vegetables

slow gardening trend leaf vegetable and marigolds

Beautiful peonies to admire

the beautiful Peony slow gardening trend

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