The Valuable Nutritional Inulin – Trivia And Natural Sources

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Inulin – what is it?

First discovered this ingredient in the plant of Inula helenium L.. Hence the name. A quarter of the fibres, which our ancestors have eaten comes from inulin. If you look at the whole thing under the microscope of the biochemistry, come from the other very useful information. Inulin is a polymer of fructose and due to the length of the polymer chain, there are very many different kinds with this.

For the industrial purposes obtained the inulin from chicory and Jerusalem artichoke plants. Then, it finds use in the production of food. Improving thus the taste and consistency of foods with a low fat content. You can use, it also for the replacement of high-calorie ingredients such as sugar or fat.

Sugar beet as a healthy food

inulin sources of natural nutrient sugar beet

The fabulous properties

Inulin does not resolve itself so in the upper part in the stomach. It enters the intestinal tract. It is the food of the good bacteria. Also, this stuff is also very good, because it prevents the organism from to make a certain kind of fats.

Miracle plant Agave

inulin Agave plant source

Precious powder of vegetable origin

inulin Agave powder

Further, very healthy benefits

Many more positive consequences for the organism are made from newly listed properties. This we want to alert now also like to you.

It has less toxic metabolites in the body
It has rare constipation
Cholesterol in the liver and also the triglycerides are much less
Blood pressure is lowered
Reduce the levels of blood sugar
Also metabolism in patients in the second group of lipids greatly reduces
Minerals are also much better absorbed in the body

Parsnips are rich in other minerals

low-calorie Agave parsnips

It is assumed as well after many researches that daily consumption of inulin increases the amount of Bifidobacteria in the organism. Also, you should remember that it is a prebiotic. Several times, they enhance the functions of the colon.


With all the good qualities, one must stress that some people are very sensitive to the inulin. This would have to be careful with the consumer. The inulin can cause stomach pain, bloating and other complaints of this kind. Don’t let the best this.

Delicious, Golden bites for on the go

inulin natural source bananas

Endive is tender and contains much inulin and bitter

low-calorie chicory vegetable source

The roots of the dandelion are another natural source of inulin

inulin natural vegetable source dandelion roots

The chicory is also a considerable amount of inulin in their roots

low-calorie chicory roots

Often cook with Salsify

inulin natural source Salsify

Fuel healthy inulin in the asparagus season!

low-calorie natural spring asparagus

Rye and wheat are also highly recommended

inulin wheat rye natural sources

The natural antibiotics – garlic and onion are also excellent sources of inulin

low calorie garlic onion

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