Thyme In The Garden – The Beauty Of Tasty, Healthy You Power

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thyme In the garden very close to great flowersThyme in the garden – the delicious beauty

In any garden, there is space for thyme. Depending on its type, it can formed when ground vegetation cover, spread on a wall, folded in a corner stand, one edge off at the edge of the garden or thrive comfortably in a vessel. It is an Evergreen, perennial plant that is going through extreme climatic conditions, such as for example very cold or hot or humid conditions. The white, pink, and lavender-colored leaves attract pollinating bees, which are good for the other edible plants.

You can have not a complete garden without thyme. Many gardeners and cooks my so real thyme, other types are but more and more popular. The leaves and flowers are different depending on the type, so, you can rely on combinations of a mixed look of the landscape.

As an ornamental plant in large flower pots

thyme In the garden in large bucket

Note: Not all thyme species are recommended for culinary purposes. Check it for the first time.

Light requirements: full sunshineWater requirements: low after the first growth

Resistance: Thyme grows well in most climates, he is an Evergreen, perennial plant that is going through extreme climatic conditions, such as very cold or hot, or humid

Main vegetation period: from spring until autumn, can in high summer, when it’s too hot or dry, extinct

Crop season: in spring, also fall in climates with warm winter

Favorites: lawn seed, real thyme, French, lemon thyme, Frühblühender thyme, Orange, silver thyme

Beautiful landscaping with a Mediterranean flair of Clinton & Associates landscape of architects

thyme In the garden stairs from stones

Cultivation and maintenance: You can start with seeds, young plants or transplanting but easier to grow and be sold. Choose a sunny spot. The thyme grows well in dry, poor and slightly alkaline soil, but needs excellent drainage. For containers, take at least 25 cm wide.

Keep a distance of minimum 15 cm, pour regularly at the beginning, then only when needed, so that he is not dry. No fertilizing is necessary.

The problems arise infrequently. Spider mites or ants can be a problem.

Aromatic blend

thyme In the garden a great variety

Plucking out or cutting off the top and flowers may be the easiest maintenance for healthy plants, so the growth is irritated. Prune the plants in the spring after the last frost, and again in the second half of the summer, when the plants have grown too high. You can cut up to two-thirds, without damaging the new shoots.

Thyme honey for the tea and feel good

thyme In the garden of magnificent aroma

In the coldest climates, cover the plants in the winter to protect them. The thyme seeds are often free new. In a few years, you can build the plant new.Harvest: Trim the lace and flowers if necessary.

Ready for planting

thyme In the garden herbs in wooden crates

Thyme of vulgaris in dark pink

thyme In the garden of Vulgaris strain

Homemade flower pots can be used quietly in thyme

thyme In the Garden In the unique flower pot from clay

A delicious blend of thyme, Basil and Sage

thyme In the garden of aromatic herbs mix

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