Tile For Outdoor Use By Cerdomus – Style And Elegance From Italy

built-in basic Esterno tiles for outdoor pool

The tile floor proves to be the best way, which really special and unique design can be outdoor. Whether you want area remodel the patio or create a brand new from scratch, there are a diverse set of tiles types and manufacturers so that the choice is sometimes really complicated.

Mostly used for outdoor use made of unglazed clay tiles. He is fired, the harder and denser the final product will be. Red clay is the most common and the other types with the same properties could be made of white, grey and black tone.

Outdoor cerdomus tile

Club Esterno Cerdomus diagonal tile patio

Glazed floor tiles serve as accent – they will be hordes moved to the outskirts or assigned with the unglazed stone slabs in a repeating pattern. The latest idea is named as the “Carpets”, are the rectangular fields of patterned tiles and you can compare this with the carpet in the living room.

Wood furniture for garden design

Italy Naples garden tiles for outdoor wood furniture

You used very durable high-fire ceramics for the tiles, which are influenced by the Mediterranean, Italian and Southern French styles. We believe the soft lines affect the brain in healthy and even the quirkier products have a touch of hand made. The presented tiles are selected from the finest and put together.

Esterno product line

Tahoe product line EXTERIEUR tiles for outdoor

Tiles collection for outdoor use – whenever a tile for a project is determined, make the designers and contractors that all major factors are addressed. This applies to both aspects – aesthetic stimulus and practical functionality.


Esterno ROK tiles outdoor rattan dining area

Lay the porch floor tiles

garden chairs porch Island summer house of Cerdomus

Cerdomus – style from Italy

tiles Cerdomus style wooden ceiling outdoor

Pietra di Borgogna

Cerdomus Esterno Pietra Di Borgogna tiles for outdoor

Club collection woodClub Esterno tiles for outdoor

Esterno in the backyard

durable Esterno tiles floor of Cerdomus

Marcos Bertoldi

Marcos Bertoldi design tile outdoor couches velvet coffee table

Fancy backyard

home fence wall wooden foot gear modern


Flint Esterno sliding doors glass dining table

Patterned floor tiles

classic style durable Esterno outdoor tile

Kyrah by Esterno

Kyrah Esterno Blau effect worn tiles for outdoor

Metalskin Esterno

Metalskin Esterno outdoor tile

Flooring around the summer house

modern summer house tile flooring rattan sofas

Traditional floor tiles

pool durable Esterno outdoor tile

Durango Esterno

pool garden Durango Esterno tiles

Sculpture columns

columns tiles Esterno sculpture

Wood effect in the open plan living room

Beach residence Summer tile for outdoor use

terraces outdoor tile Cerdomus rooftop design

From the perspective of bird

garden rattan Brown tiles laying bird's eye view Chair

Water garden and wall tiles

wall tile purple original water garden of Cerdomus

Wood line – Esterno

wood Esterno floor tiles outdoor

Wood look of wood / Esterno

wood Esterno wood effect outdoor tile

Wood Esterno

Wood Esterno plants grass umbrella residence summer