Time For The Planning Of Garden Design: Get Ready For The Spring

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Plan now your garden design

The designers of garden catalogs have many questions to answer. They come during the bleak period in January and offer us a brilliant and lively views of the spring. This is because of the figure of many colored flowers and tasty vegetables.

But if you look as a beginner on the private Garden and thinking about your own garden design , everything looks not so easy.

But, there is hope! Maybe you can speed up the arrival of warm weather, but they can go to the summer garden by finding and deploying such a.

Are these measures not only save money, you have exactly these kind of plants, which you would like to. It can be a kind of exotic as well as the favorite tomato variety from your family.

When do you start out with planting?

Check first for each plant individually, which is the best time for the replanting. Then must you return count, to see when exactly you should bring the seeds in the Earth. The edible for the cool season can for example to go outside when the soil is relatively cool. Those who need more heat and Sun must be sown then somewhat later.

No plant may prior to the last frost but after out there! That’s for sure!

If you start too early, you could see then grew the plants before the garden for this is finished. Then they are also not particularly good develop.

Germinating seeds

The seeds are too ambitious about it, definitely not where to put its first. Every vessel that is deep enough and well manured, offers ideal conditions to thrive.

Many people take care of their plants on wide trays inside a home. There can be large pots

landscaping old tin cans for planting

Others opt for individual pots made of plastic and with peat. Even Pack as example of a mobile phone could be converts to emergency in the right place.

Other types of reuse are in question as about the cartons of milk or eggs. The choice will remain reserved themselves.

If you use packaging or other type of used vessels for planting, then should dive this bleach solution as a precaution at 10 percent for 10 to 30 minutes. Rinse and dry them carefully before you begin.

The Earth

Best, you should use a special mix of peat at the beginning which is intended for the first insertion of the seeds in the Earth. So, you will achieve the best results. Then you should be carefully water and wipe the whole thing.

You should most definitely dry lumps retreating, but also careful that you fertilize too much and/or water

landscaping moist potting soil

Tip: Before you begin, you should look at the packaging of the seeds. Often, there are instructions, how to deal with the specific type.


Two seeds purely to do in small pots such as the pictured here. Alternatively they can help spread the seeds over a larger area. They should easily pushing them down into the Earth and then you should add more of the soil mixture, so that they come to the optimum depth.

Moisten the surface, but beware that not too much water

garden design small tomato plants

Then, you should attach signs or some other kind of features of the various pots so that you know exactly where you have what. Special signs are the best and they can be found in some supermarkets, as well as in the specialized shops for garden design .

At this point, you must often provide the plants with plastic ceiling. So, the Earth will remain moist and warm. Such an approach leads to faster germination.

The Earth’s temperature should be above 24 degrees. Just heat-loving plants would have to be promoted in addition by an electric blanket or setting up in warm water.

But even then, the surface should be not too hot. You should exceed the limit of 32 degrees in any case.

The cool season plants feel happy when House temperatures

gardening herbs of Red salad

The irrigation from a tray under the pots is a good way to keep the soil moist but not wet. Therefore necessarily take this possibility into consideration.

Seed care before the garden design

As soon as you emerge germs, you should remove the plastic sheet and put the plants into a well-lit pot. The temperature, which you must get here is between 16 and 24 degrees. It can be a warm window in your home or to a sunny terrace. Why not also an Orangery?

You should avoid a dense planting and continue to follow the instructions on the packaging of the seeds!

If you have not so bright place in your home, you should consider light sources, which you put in the ground, into consideration. Then, depending on the case, you should choose the additional heating from below. The light must be something about the plant.

Plants need light between 12 and 16 hours a day to develop really well. When the first leaves appear, you have to start with the next action: now is the time for the liquid or other type of fertilizers, which are specially designed for this stage.

Plants in larger pots

Depending on the size of the first pots, you will implement any plant in an own pot at a given moment. Ask a specialist, which one would be the right size for your garden design .

How great the temptation for the action might be and how crowded the pots too look, you should be very patient with this. Because often you confused such the cotyledons with the right and therefore wrongly assess the phase of growth. Wait necessarily on the real! They will come soon, don’t worry!

As soon as the real leaves come, you can put the plants into new pots. Fill the pot with the damp earth mixture to the edge and make a hole in the ground for the plant.

Turn the original pot on the head and remove the plant with gentle movements. Keep the plant on the leaves and the root ball. Under no circumstances, you should keep this at the weak root.

If you take out several plants at once, you should separate them with your hands. You can use also a skewer or a toothbrush.

Let time and deal with extreme caution so that you do not damage the plant.

Place the plant in a new pot and oppress the earth around them, so that she will be fixed.

Again, you should then wet the Earth where they beware, however, that she is not too wet. Now place the pot in a bright place where you should dodge the direct sunshine anyway in the first few days. You should keep moist, but definitely not too watered the Earth.

Tip: Many gardeners create a kind of artificial wind by them easily paint the plants with their hands. It moves them so gently backwards and forwards and promotes their growth. Thanks to this approach, the plants are much stronger.

Harden before the real garden design

Before you move on to your garden design , you must take one step. It’s the cure.

This must be done 10 days minimum or maximum 2 weeks before planting in the garden. It comes in this process, that the plants slowly adapt to external conditions. When the time comes, you should stop in the first place with weekly fertilization and add a little less water.

Set the plants go outside for a few hours every day. The beginning could be just an hour enough. Then you should slowly lengthen the amount of time. At night, in the case of temperatures, the plants go back inside.

Not only by the time of the whereabouts out there, but also the amount of Sun and wind would have to be limited. In the light remains it would be if you choose a place where these conditions will have been fulfilled.

Once the plants have out there already spent several nights, you can plant them to finally to its permanent place.

Tip: Cover the seeds with birds most, if they bring them out. Birds and other

Creatures find them otherwise much too fast and thus try to feed

garden design small greenhouses


You can begin to plant out there, but this is definitely not the only solution. Outside you will find alternatives that are also wonderful. These are the cold frames, the Bell hats and the greenhouses.

There you can find the suitable circumstances for all types of processes

garden design flower display case glass

In early beds, you should make piece by piece the ceiling easily during the curing process.

The Cloche hat is another possibility. You can keep warm the plant by this approach in the night. This is a wonderful idea for young plants, and no so appropriate for the case that you have used many tribes.

Janssens-Royal Victorian greenhouse

landscaping Orangery full ver GLAST

That’s what you can see in the picture here. It’s the ideal place for the seeds. If it’s warm enough, you can start planting the seeds in it. If you live in a place with a colder climate, you could use as a greenhouse as an intermediate stage between the care in the Interior and exterior.

The nursery is easy and there are so many ways that everyone feels comfortable, happy, and successful in this process! If you are in doubt about whether is worth the trouble, then you look at but the pictures in the magazine, showing a preview of the results in the spring and summer!

Have you looked in? And what do you think: this beautiful and practical garden design is worth the trouble?

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