Urban Jungle: The Residential Trend 2017 Par Excellence!

A residential trend that brings nature and cheerful mood in the House

Plant fans, beware! The urban jungle living trend is already officially in. And here, namely green plants are the be-all and end-all of your own four walls. Indoor plants of whatsoever can be arranged anywhere in the House and create a real jungle ambience. A Benjamin tree next to the bed, a beautiful Yucca Palm on the sideboard or air plants over the kitchen island – the Green freshness immediately brings nature to your home. The new trend of institution has prevailed also already for this reason in Cafés and even hotels. He gives a feeling of warmth and lightness at the same time and mentally takes us to exotic dream destinations and rustic Woods.

As living beings need plants of course also lots of attention and love. Each single has its own special character and should be maintained so individually. Some like more light and regular irrigation, other rather shady places, and very little water. That’s why it is essential to inform in advance about each single plant and subsequently to arrange this.

Green indoor plants for the new residential trend 2017

Indoor plants in ceramic planters garden in the living room make

Urban stay with casual and flexible jungle

The trendy urban jungle look can be perfectly combined with almost all other furnishing styles. So give him elements of the industrial style an avant-garde luxury and vintage flair complements the unique and vibrant atmosphere with a romantic touch. If you have a green thumb or dare not to cultivate several plants at home you can focus on only a few of them, that are robust and easy to care for.

Succulents and cacti own are doing particularly well. But even Aloe Vera and other thick leafy beauties are a good choice.

Make mini gardens in decorative bowls

plant flowers and succulent in a shell

Colours, materials and accessories

In the urban jungle living trend other elements play an important role. Home accessories made of natural materials, cushion and wallpaper with motifs of plants and flowers, soft textiles made of cotton and linen, and of course the right illumination – everything must be!

The color palette is pretty diverse and includes not only green and earth tones, but also a lot of yellow and orange. Thus an individual flair can be in any room create, that suits the activities specific for the spatial – more subtle and ending in the bedroom, vibrant and colorful in the living room, relaxing in the bath and energizing treatments in the kitchen.

Select wallpapers and textiles with floral motifs and graphic patterns

urban jungle style in the living room plant

Book Tip:

End of 2016 is the wonderful urban jungle book: “Living green” appeared. Submitted by Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff this impressive guide includes numerous information, expert tips and tricks, as well as lots of inspiration for passionate urban jungle lovers. To get detailed impression of it, if you want to learn more and to do’s urban jungle bloggers at the. As you manage your very special “urban jungle” even easier!

Urban Jungle Book: “Living green”

Houseplants for the urban jungle trend

Must see locations in Berlin

And if you just happened to stop in Berlin or the next time there are, take a look at the “25Hours Hotel bikini Berlin” close to the Zoo pass or drink a Käffchen with a hearty organic breakfast in the flower Café on Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg. Both locations are excellent examples of a successful urban jungle facility and will give determines the necessary input and inspiration.

In this sense: Have fun and success in the set up and design! A good luck wish you the editorial.

Image sources:

Pixabay, CCO public domain


www.bondmag.EU – the bond men BB´s magazine

With the residential trend combine homemade and works of art

urban jungle look residential trend 2017 with indoor plants set up

Find the appropriate accessories and small furniture

urban jungle with houseplants at home set up

For example, when Tom tailor home

tom tailor home home accessories housing trend urban jungle 2017

urban jungle 2017 residential trend home accessories dekokissen tom tailor home

More inspirational decorating, visit www. hesimplethings.com

succulent and cacti on the windowsill in ceramic pots thesimplethings

Download the spring to be home!

urban jungle living trend 2017 houseplants

Put some fresh color accents for more dynamic and cheerful atmosphere in the room

living room decorated with houseplants

Decorate the walls with plant leaves for an ultimate jungle look

Wall decoration themselves make houseplants

Don’t forget bathroom and kitchen!

kitchen herbs and houseplants in the kitchen

Planters in a rough hand made look come at the urban jungle style especially well on

Indoor plants and palm trees in ceramic flower pots

Colorful pillows, leather of poufs, and lots of plants

living room ideas with houseplants residential trend 2017 urban jungle

Succulent plants are robust and easy to care for

House plants beautify old Dresser Ivy succulent

arrange Succulents in ceramic flower pot on the dining room table

Combine this with cacti!

cacti and succulent plant on the windowsill maintain ceramic porcelain ubertöpfe

Or do you prefer Aloe Vera?

aloe vera with round River stones arrange urban jungle

Plants also spring flowers!

Indoor plants and flowers at home maintain daffodils hyacinth

So merge the boundaries between indoor and outdoor

Terrace design with plant vegetables and flowers

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