Useful Tips For Gardening In The Fall

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fall container gardening plants yellow flowers Viola Panola

Happy mood – garden maintenance in autumn

Right now in the fall, your garden of full of beauty may seem, if you bring a few colorful container with beautiful flowers there. Simply follow our tips and you will redesign your autumn landscape!

Grasses grow tall

garden maintenance In autumn potted plants flowers stained grass

Grasses are a must in the autumn gardens.  The most grasses grow up also in pots. Here, purple fountain grass and blue fescue create a beautiful contrast to pink chrysanthemums and yellow Strawflower.

A. blue fescue (Festuca glauca): 1

B. Chrysanthemum ‘Cecilia’: 2

C. yellow Immortelle (Bracteantha ‘ Sundaze golden yellow’): 1

D. purple fountain grass (Pennisetum ‘Burgundy Giant’): 1

Put an accent!

gardening potted plants fall bench wood painted red accent

Small containers are great accents because they easily can move them, to fill several gaps in the garden, or to change just the look. This container is a perfect complement to a festive series of small pumpkins.

A. Zinnia (‘Magellan orange’): 1

B. Lamium maculatum: 1

C. garden Pansy (Viola ‘Panola Orange’): 1

D. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): 1

E. Hahnenkamm ‘Prestige Scarlet’: 1

Mix the materials!

gardening In the fall bucket plant pink flowers mix

Big garden containers are not only living plants. Here, dried hydrangeas add charm and interest to this charming planting.

Garden Bergenia (Bergenia cordifolia): 2

B. Stonecrop Sedum ‘Xenox’: 2

C. Rubygrass (Melinis ‘Pink Crystals’): 2

Perennial plants

gardening In the fall bucket plants wood flowers stained

Perennials can be the highlight of each autumn garden especially if you select varieties with eye-catching foliage. Treat them as a cheap one-year or received as possible into the earth so fast before it freezes.

A. almond spurge ‘Efanthia’: 1

B. fountain grass (Pennisetum ‘Hameln’): 1

C. Zwillingss ‘ flying colors trailing red ‘: 1

D. real purple bells (Heuchera ‘Dolce crème Brulee’): 2

Why should it be flowers?

garden maintenance In autumn potted plants concrete plate metal bucket

Many rely on autumn leaves for a great effect – so why should you not try that garden in your container? Try plants with colorful leaves, which look so gorgeous in the fall.

A. Mangold (Beta vulgaris ‘bright lights’): 3

B. flowering Kale (Brassica ‘Pigeon Purple’): 1

C. real purple bells (Heuchera ‘Marmalade’): 1

Flowers at the entrance

gardening potted plants fall pumpkins decoration flowers input

Are your guests at the House entrance welcome with a well placed flower boxes or maybe even two. Great idea!

A. purple fountain grass (Pennisetum ‘Burgundy Giant’): 1

B. ferrous nesseln (Solenostemon ‘Sedona’): 1

C. Zinnia (Zinnia elegans ‘Zesty Scarlet’): 1

D. Coneflower Susan (Rudbeckia ‘Cordoba’): 1

E. Calibrachoa ‘Superbells Tequila Sunrise’: 2

Make it look cool!

fall container gardening plants ceramic flower pot

Asters and kale are surefire picks for a great autumn garden with silvery foliage and a perfect accent is the ‘Icicle’ licorice plant at the end of the season.

A. Aster (Aster ‘Purple Viking’): 1

B. flowering Kale (Brassica ‘ Kamome red ‘): 2

2 C. licorice plant (helichrysum ‘Icicle’):

Take advantage of rich colors

fall container gardening plants yellow flowers

Deep, dark purple ensures a happy feeling in your garden, especially, if you pair it with rich, bright colours. Create a stunning contrast and show the beauty of the autumn colors in your small yard!

A. New Zealand sedge (Carex buchananii): 2

B. Chrysanthemum ‘ Golden Andrea’: 1

C. purple lamp cleaning er grasses (Pennisetum ‘Jester’): 3

Act naughty with the colors!

fall container gardening plant metal bucket pink flowers

Red, orange, Brown and yellow tones fill the autumn landscape. In color and contrast with pink, blue or silver flowering plants in containers! This looks nice!

A. Chrysanthemum ‘ soft Cheryl’: 1

B. crowns red Campion (SenecioCineraria): 3

C. purple cabbage (Brassica ‘Redbor’):

Not afraid of the Frost!

gardening In the fall bucket plant species Blütter mahogany

The Frost must not mean the end of your container plants! Hardy plants can withstand colder times and then again grow in abundance.

A. real Houseleek (Sempervivum tectorum): 1

B. Ajuga ‘Mahogany’: 1

C. heyday / Kale (Brassica ‘ Kamome red ‘): 1

Create a beautiful window box

gardening potted plants fall Chrysanthemum Draga

Chrysanthemums are among the most common plants. Use them to fill your window boxes with the beautiful autumn colors.

A. Chrysanthemum “Draga”: 2 “

B. Chrysanthemum ‘Denise’: 4

C. heyday / Kale (Brassica ‘ Osaka purple ‘ “): 2

D. modified Ivy (Hedera helix ‘ glacier ‘): 1

We hope you will soon use these tips and your own garden will appear this fall in full bloom! We wish you much success!

Play up the texture

gardening In the fall bucket yellow bucket Brassica

Red, white and blue are always in fashion

garden design In autumn bucket metallic red Pentas Starla

Let it garden design In autumn bucket species Blütter Matthiola simple look

Select tender colors

garden design In autumn bucket species Brassica Osaka purple

Create instant charm

garden design In autumn bucket species Calibrachoa

Artful appearance

garden design In the autumn of bucket plant species Chrysanthemum the color scheme do not changegardening In the fall bucket plants ceramic bucket Euphorbia Amygdaloides use interesting containersgardening In the fall bucket plant Lysimachia Coleus

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