Vintage Veranda Off Glass Specially Designed For Relaxation

vintage porch glass wood white Chair cushions

Vintage veranda made of glass specifically designed for relaxation

In the spring, when you can already feel the rays of the Sun, we remember in the summer and want to have a piece of it to. Take a look on this porch, which is built on the one hand completely made of glass. The view is so sommerhaft! Rustic table, wicker chairs and more furniture in the country house style such as chairs, a simple rural carpet and many flowers in pots this veranda give it a special charm. We find it super that it is built from glass. If the weather is sunny, you can enjoy the light of day, and if it is rainy, you can feel the romance in the air, which is created by the raindrops on the roof . This porch offers its owners unique, cosy relaxation corner in a room with lots of flowers and comfortable furniture.

Designed elegant veranda with style – black stool made of wood, colourful flowers

vintage porch from glass stool wood dark striking

Original decorative elements of like classical picture frames, small glass candle holders and traditional pots from clay

vintage porch glass wood coffee table black flower pot

Small round table with glass surface and comfortable rattan form the compact seating on the patio Chair

vintage porch glass wood table surface glass

Comfortable reading area on the veranda

vintage porch glass wood white old-fashioned elegant

Seating area, where you can drink a cup of coffee in peace

vintage porch glass wood white painted rattan chair white folding furniture made of wood in the backyard – outdoor eating areavintage porch from glass metal pot flowers pink flowers

Beautiful atmosphere outdoors, where you can enjoy the sunshine

vintage porch off glass white furniture dining room garden pillow

The veranda made of glass could still serve as a winter garden

vintage porch from glass winter garden idea Sun