What Are The Right Balcony Plants For Your Balcony?

21 matching balcony plants for your own oasis of flowers

Merry month of May is finally back! Everything is alive and well. Wonderful! Now, time for the coffee outdoors, for the favorite reading in the park or the romantic evening on the balcony is finally… Speaking of balcony, precisely the point today with us. How can you turn the private balcony, in a beautiful oasis of peace, which can be enjoyed every day and every night? Here, of course, different factors play an important role – the size of the balcony, the alignment, the time you can, etc. investing in the plant care We want to focus here only on the balcony plants themselves. What are the correct plants for your balcony? And just based on the lighting conditions that prevail there. Of course, the list of individual flowers, plants and herbs is very long and extensive, that’s why we will list our favorites only. Here we have decided generally for three groups – plant for the sunny, the half shady and the shady balcony.

The right plant for the sunny balcony:

Bald triple flower (Bougainvillea glabra)

balcony plant sunny flowers bougainville triple flower exotic tropical


balcony clematis plants sunny hybrid pink flowers climber

Millions Bells (Calibrachoa)

plant flowers of million bells sunny balcony, calibrachoa

Lunch gold (Gazania)

balcony plant sunny lunch gold gazania

Oleander (Nerium oleander)

balcony sunny nerium oleander plant pink flowers


balcony plant sunny flower lights hanging flowers Petunia

Portulaca (Portulaca Grand flora)

balcony sunny portulaca Grand flora colorful flowers plant

We recommend also strawberries and tomatoes, fat hen and geranium herbs such as lavender, Sage, Rosemary and thyme for the sunny balcony. Of course you should in all these plants on adequate irrigation and pour exclusively in the morning or in the evening.

The right plants for the half shady balcony:


garden plants semi-shady Begonias colorful flowers flower pot ceramic


balcony colorful flowers dahlias plant partial shade

Vervain (Verbena cultivars)

balcony plant vervain of verbena cultivars

Bellflower (Campanula)

Campanula carpatica Bellflower

Tropaeolum majus (Tropaeolum majus)

balcony tropaeolum majus yellow orange flowers plant Nasturtium

Although (such as lobelia erinus)

garden plants half shady although of lobelia erinus blue flowers

Blue Lily (Agapanthus)

balcony plant agapanthus blue flowers jewelry lilies

In addition, you can rely on very probably also other suitable plants here such as Ivy, boxwood and hydrangeas. This love’s rather quiet and shady and are not to be recommended so for sunny balconies. Basically, the balcony plants for the half-shady places are easy to care for and often even Hardy.

The right plants for the shady balcony:

Precious Angela (Impatiens New Guinea)

garden plants noble Lizzie impatiens new guinea

Hanging Fuchsia

balcony Fuchsia plants shaded purple pink flowers

Bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis)

balcony plant shady bleeding heart lamprocapnos spectabilis pink flowers


garden plants shade Chrysanthemum colorful flowers Potted flowers

Europaea (Plumbago)

balcony shaded bleiwurz plumbago blue flowers plant

Fairy tail (Diascia)

balcony plant Elf spur diascia pink flowers

Fire Sage (Salvia splendens)

balcony plant fire Sage-red flowers of salvia splendens

All these balcony plants are of course also suitable for your garden and are relatively easy to maintain.

In plants the rule but, as well as in all other living things,: you show love and affection! Take care of your flowers, plants and herbs and they will thank you.

In this sense, have fun and stay relaxed!