What Plants Need To Plant Next To Each Other In Your Organic Garden?

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What garden plant fits that: these “pairs” to develop the best side by side

Different rules prevail in the organic garden. You have to have the same goal – healthy and pure of pesticides to grow all vegetables. Today we have the theme of “Combinations”. As it has been proven, some plants will grow better if they are side by side. We use the month of love and the end of the winter, as an occasion to draw your attention to. Maybe you can use already some of the ideas in the upcoming gardening season.

We promise the following: some of the combinations are really surprising!

Organic Garden – Roses and garlic

Bio garden garlic

Who would have thought it?  But it’s true – roses and garlic turn out very well when they are planted next to each other. Purely visually, they make a beautiful combination. Also, the garlic protects the roses from pests.

Combine calendula and melons

Organic garden plant combinations

The marigolds can expel the worms that typically infect the roots of melon. So their chemical treatment is unnecessary.

In your organic garden tomatoes and cabbage develop the best side by side

Organic garden Veggie combinations

Tomatoes can be used as a natural repellent against the larvae of the moth scale insects. You are the pests, which are responsible for the largest holes in the cabbage leaves.

Cucumber and Nasturtium

organic garden cucumber plant

The rods of the Nasturtium are wrapped around cucumbers as a Liane of kind of and thus protect them from many pests and other insects.

Let grow cabbage and dill in your organic garden together

Organic garden cabbage dill

Dill is a wonderful companion for the cabbages. It is particularly useful for broccoli and Brussels sprouts. They support each other. The cabbages give stability the dill and the dill attract the wasps, protect the cabbages against worms.

Strange or not, but corn and beans feel the best side by side

organic garden corn beans

The beans attract beneficial insects that otherwise get on the corn and extremely hurt. Such are the leaf beetle or the dwarf cicadas. Beans wrap around to the corn stalks around and thus protect them from pests.

Salads and tall garden plants

combinations of organic garden salad flowers

Salad grow well next to garden plants. For their good performance, you need certain amounts of light and shadow. The right balance is best achieved at the “neighborhood” with high-growing varieties.

Radish and spinach

organic garden interesting combinations

Plant many radish to the spinach around, keep away the annoying and harmful leaf miner flies. Infest the leaves from the radishes, but does this not bad. They develop well.

Potatoes and stone herb (alyssum)

combinations of organic garden

The sweet stone (alyssum) is an edible plant wonderfully can be used as a fence. Its flowers attract beneficial insects. Those are for example the predatory wasps. In the vicinity of potatoes or broccoli, plant the stone herb and you can’t go wrong so.

We wish you much fun with your gardening in the new season!

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