Which Prefer Garden Design For Your Garden?

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garden design minimalist garden design modern rectangular pond

Interesting facts about the garden design

A real happiness is to have an own garden. This it is not only regularly maintain, but fashion also according to their own taste. Just so you can relax there and enjoy the beautiful sunny days like the quiet warm nights. Depending on what style you are, you can opt for any garden design. Comfort and class can be reached in every possible style. If you want to have it quite professionally, you need a professional garden planner in any case. If you want but and have sufficient creativity and hand skill, you can dare and create your own garden design itself.

If you are on straight lines and more properly belong to the perfectionist type, you should decide the best for the minimalist garden design. You can see a great example in the picture above. There, minimalist landscaping with lush greenery and plenty of water are combined. Here, stylish design and nature form a balanced unit and provide a sophisticated, quiet ambience for relaxation and quiet conversations.

Comfort pure

garden design covered patio sofa coffee table

For this, which rather combine comfort with a loose style, this idea would be above quite fits. Create a cosy seating group. Ideal would be a patio roof and comfortable sofas and armchairs. The coffee table should be missed definitely. Complete the whole thing with soft cushion and candlesticks.

Far Eastern wisdom in your own backyard

garden design Feng Shui Japanese sand stones

If you are looking for more balance in everyday life, you can try garden with a Feng Shui. Large natural stones, white sand, Stone lanterns, and exotic trees are typical for this type of gardens. Everything looks harmonious and balanced and affects this way also quite relaxing and cleansing effect on the Viewer.

Japan continues with mini garden pond

garden design decking mini garden pond

Do you have a weakness for English cottage gardens? Then you should consider below the magnificent garden design. The roses are an element that is missing there, definitely not. Make the best a gorgeous rose arch or grab selected rose bushes, with their magnificent flowers all summer long will bring.

Summer romance English

garden design English garden rose arch cottage

A colorful bouquet is also a recommended alternative

garden design summer flowers lawn

Planted embankments always very cute and stylish look

garden design stone wall drywall

And when it comes to design with stones, the Permaculture concept is a proven method. Especially people who are on organic design, know to appreciate such structures correctly. Typically, to stone spirals. In many cases, but can make the Permaculture also in other figures, as shown below.

Solid stones and flowing rings

garden design Stone garden round shapes Permaculture

And right here is the point where we want to go over to the more modern, more minimalist design. Combining different geometric shapes with valuable wood and succulent vegetation.

Striped lawn and wood Pergola

garden design geometric shapes lawn wood Pergola

This type of design, you have too many opportunities and a rich variety of patterns and materials. Marble, granite, pebbles and glass are very popular and popular.

Find the right garden design for you and implement it with patience and love! Much fun!

Checkmate pattern and white marble

garden design pebbles square forms seat marble table

The minimalist garden fit just perfect subtropical vegetation and Mediterranean flair

garden design Mediterranean flair subtropical vegetation stones

You can accentuate quietly on natural elements such as water

garden design modern design fountain basin pond

Natural wood and pebbles get along in an elegant way

garden design lawn wood blocks pebbles ceramic flower pots

Modern garden furniture for more refined and sophisticated comfort

garden design rattan chair dining table fireplace sunscreen

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