Would You Build A Kids Tree House? Here Are Our Tips On

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kids tree house tree house yourself building DIY projects

A tree house as a children’s paradise

For most children, your own tree house in the garden is the biggest thing there at all. A private house in the tree tops mounted, to which only you have access, is par excellence the children dream. This dream must remain not unfulfilled. With little craftsmanship, the right materials and especially appropriate tool, every garden owner can build his personal tree or garden shed itself. With our helpful tips, this is ‘project tree house building”even easier to implement.

DIY projects: kids tree house yourself build

Kids tree house tree house yourself building children's games

The main principles for building a tree house

Who decide to build your own tree house for children, must plan in advance exactly and measure the existing capacities. It is also important that you have the necessary professional materials, which primarily include machine tools such as saws, drills, etc. There is a wide range of tools and fastening materials including engelbert strauss, a shop specializing in materials for businesses and major construction projects. Other criteria that a layman when building a tree House should keep in mind are:

kids tree house tree house yourself building wood

Tree quality: A tree House should be placed only on trees, which can also easily support the weight. Trees such as beech, maple, pine, oak, which root have a minimum diameter of 40 cm is suitable for this.
Mindfulness: So as not to damage the tree in the project, nails and screws should be to use as little as possible. (use only stainless steel screws)
Plan: Hobby craftsmen must adapt to the realities of the tree and the building surface and measure them in advance. Factors such as sufficient sunlight and cause of be pruning must be incorporated in the planning.
Take time: not only the appropriate material is important for building a tree house but that the Builder is also sufficient time for his construction project. At least 2 weeks should be charged for planning and implementation.
Tool: a ladder, a spirit level, a saw, a cordless drill, a hammer, nails and steel screws belong to the most important piece of equipment. All this should be located at the building within easy reach. Safety belts or ropes to secure are also recommended.
Wood quality: high quality wood should be used as a building material, ideally larch. This should then be cut to measure.

kids tree house wooden tree house yourself building garden

The security in the first place should be the whole construction process. These include a stable screw-down platform on which stands the tree house and a ladder railings to hedge. Children may hurt themselves, therefore it is also important that the wooden boards are sanded well. Also very important: the look of the tree house. True wonders a colorful paint and plenty of Windows for an intense light.

kids tree house tree house yourself building

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