Yucca – A Beautiful Ornamental And Crop

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Yucca Yucca plant

Yucca: Spice, medicinal plant,

Do you have already a Yucca at home by chance? Maybe you want to plant one now… In all cases we want to tell you their properties a bit by some.

Yes, the Yucca looks great. It has also a number of other, super great properties.

The origin of the plant

Such beauty must have something to do with the South. South and Central America are considered their hometowns. Due to the harsh climate in which the Yucca can survive, it is attributed to the Group of Succulents. You are characterized as their other relatives also by thick, fleshy leaves. There is plenty of water for drought periods accumulates. It takes the plant above all things in nature. But not only. The plant can thrive even in domestic conditions, also for people who forget to water it regularly. There are 30 different varieties in the world.

The aesthetics and benefit by Yucca at home

Yucca Yucca living room couch fur carpet

As I already said, the plant to drought conditions is used. She must be poured not very much. She can tolerate very well especially the heat and direct sunlight. The larger specimens reminiscent of Palm trees. Hence the name in German.

Yucca as a medicine

The original inhabitants of America, the Indians knew the plant as a medicine. It has many such features. Its root can be cooked as well as the potatoes and eaten. You can cook them also as an accompaniment to many dishes. To do that also. No matter what form of enjoyment you choose, you will take a very large dose of vitamin C. You can make great soup from it! There are also many carbohydrates.

So is the seed pod of Yucca from the inside

Yucca Yucca seeds sleeve

White Yucca flowers

Yucca flowers white

The roots of the plant

Yucca roots

The roots can be cut easily

Yucca Yucca root cut

Fried schmeken outstanding roots

fried Yucca recipe

The juice made from Yucca is very usable in cosmetics. To make this shampoo and SOAP. Inflammation can be reduced as a result. In this case, the effect of antibacterial and generating foam is certainly the benefits.

Retro Interior, and Yucca

camera Yucca

Yucca in the living room

cone Yucca plant

Yucca in a large plant pot

Flowerpot Yucca living room

Southern simplicity

white plaster long plant

Elegant next to the window

living room Yucca

Outside the plant flourishes perfectly

Yucca outdoor plant pot

The Yucca adapts to almost any interior décor

Yucca dark blue Ottoman

Yucca Tree

Yucca Court

Elegant and modest at the same time

Yucca courtyard

Beautiful palm trees

Yucca Palms

Yucca in the hallway

Yucca Palm plant floor

A large succulent plant family

Yucca Succulents out

Subtropical exotic

Yucca succulent subtropical vegetation pebbles

Yucca in the stairwell

Yucca staircase

Petite and in divorce

Yucca bamboo shade

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