22 Refined Garden Furniture Ideas For IKEA

IKEA garden furniture for a comfortable place under the Sun

The Sun is shining soon strong. The warm rays of the Sun will not spare us and yet we want to enjoy the whole time out there weather outdoor good. How can we protect ourselves against the glaring sun and yet sit in the open air? Does it work all at the same time? We need good protect but comfortable and functional garden furniture, which ensure comfort and us from the Sun and other weather conditions.

Such garden furniture are on hand to ensure that we lose not one free moment to enjoy anyway short summer. IKEA seems our attitudes to have understood me very well. The company offers a wonderful catalog for 2016. But even the previous editions are not to discard.

Following ideas will show you how you create a paradise corner for your summer enjoyment with IKEA furniture. However, you can achieve these results with other brands. In this case, you look at our article as inspiration.

IKEA garden furniture ideas for a refined flair outdoor

ikea garden furniture outdoor rattan furniture sofa couch table metal lanterns

Convenient and universal

The popularity of garden furniture is because they are very convenient and universal. They are suitable for all kinds of outdoor areas. The IKEA garden furniture can be placed also on the beach or on the terrace. You are to transfer easily from one to the other place thanks to their lightweight construction.

By this, do not also the need of seat cushions their stand and putting away for many is pretty expensive. The transfer is made easier by the very convenient mechanisms for folding up and.

Coziness and romance with IKEA garden furniture

ikea garden furniture outdoor set sofa modulle trolleys sisal carpet

Sets of furniture for the garden

The range of garden furniture from IKEA are very rich. All their products offer a great variety. We want to notify you of but the main groups of IKEA garden furniture. Many valuable materials used for the chairs and beds, such as for example wood. The preferred colors are white as well as black-brown. These are the most, but there are other shades to choose from. The pairs of wood and metal, as well as metal and plastic is very modern at the latest collections from IKEA. Rattan also happens. As you can see, the materials are not entirely new, but the innovation is in the mix and create.

Dining table and Chair Vindalsö

ikea garden furniture outdoor set dining table high vindalsö

Chairs, sofas and armchairs

IKEA promotes the current trend to expand the internal living area to outside. Typical living room furniture can now be used in a modified form in the garden. They are made of beautiful but weather-resistant materials, are easy to use and maintain. Many of the furniture pieces provide additional comfort for the feet and back.

Rattan furniture lends the outdoors even more livability

ikeikea garden furniture outdoor möbelset rattan woven sofa coffee table Chair coffee table

Furniture for storage

The outside offset living requires certain measures for the storage of various commercial items for everyday use. IKEA has been thinking about this season. Special, noble-looking, but light shelf units, specially designed for outdoor use and serve that we experienced there ideal comfort.

The new IKEA collection for the garden has a great potential. Use this as much as possible, by opting for pieces of furniture, both aesthetically appealing as are also very functional. The many different ways give you also the possibility to buy something of what perfectly suits your individual style.

If you like it more simple and on white

ikea garden furniture outdoor dining table benches chairs white wood patio furniture

ikea garden furniture outdoor dining table awning chairs

This simple awning and striped fabrics fit

ikikea garden furniture outdoor möbelset white dining table wooden chairs seat sun shade

Teak is particularly to be recommended for your garden furniture

ikea garden furniture outdoor dining table white chairs teak wood

Garden tents and sunbeds are definitely among the summer

ikea garden furniture outdoor garden tent white solid aluminium garden chairs

If you stand on metal furniture

ikea garden furniture of outdoor metal furniture vintage design

Rattan looks very elegant in gray

ikea garden furniture outdoor rattan grey sofa Chair coffee table rug

Or do you rather prefer the natural look?

ikea garden furniture outdoor rattan furniture sofa couch table arholma

Rattan can be also very romantic

ikea garden furniture outdoor rattan furniture white coffee table sofa pillows were on metal cage

Or rather cool and relaxed

ikea garden furniture of outdoor set lounge rattan Edition round coffee table umbrella

With IKEA, you will experience an unforgettable evening

ikea garden furniture outdoor set Ottoman occasional table sofa cushion balcony furniture

Charcoal grill cart with Cabinet Applarö/Klasen

ikea garden furniture outdoor charcoal grill dare Cabinet applarö Topher

Outdoor shelves Hindö

ikea garden furniture outdoor shelves hindö

At IKEA, you will find also many wicker furniture

ikea garden furniture of outdoor Chair Ottoman white occasional table

Outdoor armchair and sofa kungsholmen/Hällö

ikea garden furniture of outdoor Chair sofa kungsholmen hällö

Outdoor bench with wall panel Applarö

ikea garden furniture of outdoor bench wall panel applarö

Treat yourself to relaxation and more time for themselves even with IKEA garden furniture

ikea garden furniture outdoor sofa series module äpplarö

Spend more time with your loved ones

ikea garden furniture outdoor set dining table chairs wood umbrella falster