7 Open Fireplaces Outdoor Meeting Space With Soul

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open fire places of round wrought iron table

7 open fire places for outdoor use

What brings people together? One of the common things is the cosy fire. This has a particularly strong effect in places – around the fire, there’s always romantic sparkle, the stress is slightly reduced and the children meet the atmosphere with their cravings.

Do you already have a fire pit in your backyard? Still no? Here are a few ideas that could ignite your imagination.

Au naturel

Elementary as the burning of wood is hardly! This wonderful, distinctive smell remains long on the clothes and hair, after you have wiped it out. So you long still remembers camping and beach stays.

Here you can see a fire authority, which was raised to a plate. It’s design & construction to a company Gasper landscape plant. It makes for a pretty good interaction with the entertainment area in the backyard.

Collect together all up, around! Now!

The fire installation brings people together. Sometimes they are so many that they do not all fit together around. The designer Gary Sewell has solved this problem from the company of estate pools & landscapes by the project of fire & ice (fire and ice).

He gave a double-sided fireplace with glass and has placed on the both sides of seats

open fireplaces fireplace In double-sided wall block

I want to write a few sentences about the use of gas. Thus, it creates a colorful flame and also it leaves no unpleasant smell.

This is especially useful in the regions, where the quality of the air of great importance. Still the people with asthma and other respiratory problems will appreciate this.

Stay longer

When the fireplace is in a House like this, the party can take the whole night through. Here she was Studio for interior design as a part of the work (the whole apartment) of Kathleen McGovern.

The heat will remain much longer in the room thanks to the protected enclosure

open hearth fireplace with stone clad

Tip: You should have ready ceiling, so that the guests do not catch a cold, if the temperature falls quickly.

Earth, wind and fire

Everyone deserves happiness, looking his terrace on the ocean beyond. But some of us have only the wind that one of them.

Here we built a round half hell to the fireplace, so it is therefore protected

open fire places round with a magnificent sea view

Reduce the risk of fire

No matter, whether you burn gas or wood, the security before the advent of a fire must be a high priority. Jeff W Troyer Associates is a company for installation of fireplaces. Their customers in Los Angeles wanted to have a wood burning fireplace. It was however a place with high fire danger and therefore they preferred natural gas from an electrical installation.

This had the advantage that a sleek modern design in this case was possible.

It has secured the gas access from both sides and thus achieved a steady flame

open fire places concrete fireplace by the pool

Tip: Make sure that you have completely understood the use statement.

How about an unexpected effect?

What do you think about fire on water?

The inspiration to this fabulous work that refers to wet estate and was created by Richard Hymel, came from the famous Pat O’Brien Hof in New Orleans’ French quarter.

Unique and fascinating

open fireplaces decorative fountain

How does it work?

The black powder-coated aluminium has been explored for water. However, the curved pipe system of the company Jack ski it has fire features the function to provide the fire with the necessary gas.

By candlelight

Are you not sure whether you want to invest in a fireplace or a fireplace? How about it is the case with the grouping of some candles, as in this case? You think of what other creative and cheap solution?

open fire places with small waterfall

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