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DIY furniture garden furniture outdoor figures deckchairs itself building garden plants

The outdoor L equip ounge with great DIY garden furniture

It is summer to live time to enjoy and Merry. So we lose ourselves not this valuable time with any complicated entries. The outdoor lounge must be aligned quickly, so we go to the point: what is one of the good facilities outside?

First, one should wonder which are the main items that you should consider. You need above all a place to sit, so garden furniture. Still you can spice up the room with great Dekokisen and plants.

DIY save the comfort furniture in your garden

DIY furniture garden furniture outdoor figures reclining chair garden plants paving stones

Last but not least, it should consider also the endurance of materials into consideration. So, you must opt for matching variants such as some garden furniture made of rattan.

It is incredible how different the end result may be. You should look at so different examples best itself, to decide what can be the suitable garden furniture set. As the owner of the room was, which we’ll show you today.

It’s about Kate, who writes for Decoist. We observe the results of their projects for a long time and here they are! Check the details and enjoy the whole thing.

Interesting DIY projects

DIY furniture garden furniture planters chairs itself building garden plants

The perfect lounging area

Anyone who has tried to equip his exterior, knows the prices, and know that it’s a very expensive fishing unit. Also the second hand pieces are not very cheap. Garage sales are also not very effective. Searching for the right piece can sometimes take up to a few weeks.

In one I was sure: I wanted a lounger with a very modern look. I was therefore looking for different options for reuse.

Deck with a very modern look

DIY furniture garden furniture outdoor design deck chair

Make outdoor lounge

DIY furniture garden furniture outdoor design garden design deck chair with stones

Garden table and green pot plant on it

DIY furniture garden furniture planters deck chair garden design

From the beginning, I was looking for different options in outdoor areas. Because ultimately a girl needs a place where she can lie down their drink, book or tablet, is that correct? Kate has designed to their own garden furniture. She used cylinder blocks, to create such a great table like this. She has executed also in great colours, before the Chair looks right. Just see how great this works in his neutral version in addition to the colored table. Ravishing, or?

Cool garden furniture

Diymöbel garden planters garden design outdoor lounge cushion Deckchair

Fresh color accents in olive green

DIY furniture garden furniture planters Lounger outdoor lounge cushion stripe pattern

Olive is a great shade, which goes really well with the garden equipment. Kate has informed that the table was turquoise years ago. It has sprayed him, to reach the door ski nuance. We thought it was funny and interesting, as you admitted that a super great effect resulted from the application of a rather cheaper paint. She is namely become transparent in some places and the blue shading comes through. Thus arose a still better mix.

DIY furniture from cylinder block plant container

Yes, so you can spice it up also great garden. In this case, Kate has performed the blocks in various great shades. Some people has left them also in grey to achieve an especially interesting appearance.

DIY planting vessel off Cylinder blocks

DIY furniture garden furniture outdoor lounge Gartengestaltung stones

Kate has stacked the blocks strategically, so that the two holes facing up. The blocks are open. So, it could be also regarded as plant container.

Cylinder blocks stack

DIY furniture garden furniture outdoor lounge Gartengestaltung stone planters

If all that was done, it is time to plant. Kate has opted for snake tomatoes. Is this indeed a very practical choice, because you can use them on indoors as well as outdoors.

Garden plants plant

DIY furniture garden furniture planters garden design garden plants potted plants

We love the effect of this DIY on Freshideen idea with the green plant before the light wall. Kate has also added a decorative rock for this design. You warns, however, that this design for pets can be somewhat dangerous.

DIY idea with green plants

DIY furniture garden furniture planters outdoor lounge furniture garden design with stones

The summer lounge area with DIY furniture spice up

Everyone knows from personal experience: If you have comfortable chairs, you spend much more time outside. Surely, you must have a place where you put up your feet. Then the cats also can smuggle themselves in the feet. You must think about the pets also…

DIY lounge furniture

DIY furniture planters garden design garden furniture lounge furniture

The cushions are also an important point. You do wonder for the rest of the back. Still, reaching a super summer look then in the lounge.

Cushion with black and white stripes

DIY furniture garden furniture planters coffee table lounge furniture

Kate has thus shown us how we can create a very favourable area exterior with DIY ideas. Also if you want to copy all one to one, maybe this will inspire you to create your own ideas.

Cheap outdoor area furniture – DIY furniture with great effect

DIY furniture garden furniture planters outdoor lounge furniture