Furniture From Pallets – Wood Bench And Gabion Table

europallets furniture wooden pallets Gabion construction

We make progress with the topic of furniture made of pallets! Her interest in furniture made of Euro pallets has helped us on the search for great furniture pieces. These wood benches and tables are a cool mixture of rustic wood, fresh paint, simple lines and the touch of the industrial Gabion. They are made of recycled Euro pallets, metal shelf, and pebbles.

DIY furniture made of pallets

furniture wooden pallets Gabion DIY

We present a creative design hereby, by we bring useless materials to life and celebrate the composition of their potential and their beauty.

Build beautiful Gabion itself

europallets furniture wooden pallets Gabion

If you are wondering what is a Gabion, read the definition of Wikipedia: A Gabion (from Italian gabbione ‘ great cage), also stone basket, bulk basket, wall stone basket or wire gravel box is a wire basket filled with stones. Used in landscape architecture, in hydraulic engineering, as well as in road and road construction to the construction of ramparts, to the construction of Visual or noise protection systems, attaching embankment and revetment (as an alternative to conventional dry-stone walls in vineyards). On slopes, gabions as interception elements for mounting of horizontal earth pressure. They are used also as an alternative to finished parts or solid walls made of stone or concrete.

Necessary tool

europallets furniture wooden pallets

Tools and materials:

-Euro-pallets and tools to remove the pallets

-Wood glue and clamps


-Saw and jig

-Wet grinding plate and wood grinding machine

-Acrylic paint

-Tung oil and wax

Designeuropallets furniture wooden pallets schema

Design two

Euro-pallets furniture wooden pallets design

Design three

furniture of europallets DIY schema design

Design four

europallets DIY furniture of europallets schema design

DIY project

euro pallet furniture of Euro pallets tool

Bring wood slats in usage

euro pallet furniture of wooden Euro pallets

Build your own

euro pallet furniture of europallets interesting

In yellow color

euro pallet furniture from pallets yellow color


furniture of europallets tool

Furniture made of pallets

off Euro-pallets furniture of europallets

Glue will be asked

off Euro-pallets furniture of Euro pallets themselves make

furniture of Euro pallets themselves make

Wood panel

europallets furniture from pallets wood

Tung oil

europallets DIY furniture from pallets materials

euro pallet furniture from pallets original

Mount the Gabion

DIY furniture from pallets Gabion

The end result

off Euro-pallets furniture from pallets Gabion

Outdoor furniture – table

off Euro-pallets furniture from pallets table

Patio design

furniture pallets Gabion construction

Enjoy the nature

patio design Euro pallets furniture from pallets