Garden Hammock Chairs And Hammocks By Trinity Hammocks

hanging chairs and hammocks umbrella

The hammock is a universal symbol of summer and recovery. Sit in one of the hammocks of Trinity hammocks and determined they would dream, summer lasts all year round. You have a triple of hammocks that transforms the traditional piece into a great appearance.

Garden hammock chairs and hammocks

garden hammock chairs and hammocks Beach

A structure made of stainless steel consists of three side chairs and a small teak table in the middle. This is a weather-proof piece of furniture that you can apply in the backyard or at the beach. The design is an exceptional structure of circles formed eternity, in two models available – with a traditional shape and a hexagonal roof of a similar Pergola, and infinity -.

Pergola on the beach with hammocks instead of garden benches

garden hammock Chair hammocks gazebo

The designer has enthusiastically for the current tendency and namely the design of residential and recreational area in the open air! Each designed garden kitchens and why we do not transform living spaces outdoors, a single hammock in a comfortable recreation area because!

Weather-proof, soft materials

garden hammock Chair hammocks chairs

Designed by Trinity

hanging Chair garden hammocks Trinity

Beautiful sunset on the beach

garden hammock Chair hammocks friends

With the family at the beach

hanging chairs and hammocks garden exhibit

Round frame made of stainless steel

hanging chairs and hammocks garden backyard

Round side table in the Middle

hanging chairs and hammocks garden sun terrace roof

Exhibited in the open air

garden hammock chairs and hammocks designer Trinity

In the backyard – garden House

hanging chairs and hammocks garden virtually modern