Garden Lounge Furniture – 10 High-quality Products For A Relaxing Summer

Garden lounge furniture 2016

Thank God, the nasty dirty weather is over. Balmy summer evenings and glorious sunshine await us. And even if we didn’t go on holiday, we can treat more and more often a relaxing summer break in the garden or on the balcony us. Because outdoor feels simply fabulous in this time of year. Optimally, it would be of course, if you can just lay the living room to outside. And that’s absolutely possible! The comfort in the outdoor area can be establish in particular by garden lounge furniture. High seating comfort and soft, cool textures are among the main characteristics of this kind of furniture. What should you keep in mind also when buying?

Of course you can’t go past essential sit where. Because nothing can replace this. However, there are a few details you should generally take in eight. In particular, the quality of materials and processing plays an essential role. For outdoor furniture are not only comfortable and chic be, but also robust and weatherproof. Also, you should make sure that the garden lounge furniture can withstand the UV rays.

Garden lounge furniture trends 2016

Chair garden loungemöbel set sofa coffee table

The best suitable poly rattan as a building material. A high quality poly rattan looks not only authentic, but is also quite durable and long-lasting. The mesh is made of polyethylene and is used at present by most manufacturers of garden furniture often. The good thing is that such furniture may overwinter outside.

You can also quite easily cleaned by wiping them with soapy water and a soft brush. You can then rinse off with lukewarm water. Get ready!

Teak is also a good suitable material for outdoor furniture. There’s a catch however. It’s a tropical wood, which unfortunately often comes from illegal trade. Therefore you should absolutely make a certification or even better – opt for an alternative. And it exists well!

It’s called Thermo. For some time, this innovative material is used very much like some manufacturers in furniture making. For example by the company Mattiazzi, which works mainly with Thermo ash. Through the specific processing, wood is suitable almost 100% waterproof and therefore for the outdoor area also completely.

Relax Island Riva

garden loungemöbel relax Island riva upholstered rattan cushions

Ask yourself just – “and where has remained since the real rat?” Well, this Web of nature obtained in principle from the root of the rattan Palm and although it looks great, it is completely unsuitable for outdoor furniture. You can put real rattan at most on a covered patio furniture and also impregnate them with a special varnish.

As you can see, you have already a multifaceted choice that we have talked to some extent in terms of garden lounge furniture. As an additional help, we offer you 10 stylish products from the Amazon which have liked us very much. Who knows, maybe even some of you like.

We keep the fingers crossed for you and wish you have a wonderful summer of full unforgettable, magical moments and quite a lot of romance!

Artelia lounge Epona

garden loungemöbel artelia lounge epona rattan upholstery

Artelia lounge furniture set Estoria S, Brown

garden estoria Brown rattan loungemöbel artelia set

Corner lounge Manhattan

garden loungemöbel ecklounge manhattan rattan stool table Chair

Garden lounge furniture set

loungemöbel set Brown two Chair garden table

Poly Rattan seating BOREAS

loungemöbel set seating group Brown garden boreas

Rattan Island YAMELIA

loungemöbel black garden rattan Island yamelia

Siena garden 104786 lounge set OASIS

garden oasis loungemöbel siena garden lounge set

Deluxe lounge set set

garden loungemöbel delux set rattan white fabric upholstery

XXL Sun Island beach chair

garden loungemöbel xxl-Sun Island-white upholstered rattan cushions