Garden Set With Style And Elegance For Your Outdoor Area

garden set modern Wicker oval round

Find the right garden set!

The merry month is finally again and the Sun our skin and takes our imagination to coveted, exotic places. It is unfortunately not always possible to travel and to make our travel dreams come true. A realistic solution for the coming summer would be in this case, to find a suitable garden furniture for your outdoor area. Of course, there are a numerous variety of designs and manufacturer of garden furniture on the market. There’s really almost everything you could think of. Today we introduce some of our favorite garden sets. The main materials, on which we have focused here, are poly rattan, wood and metal. Depending on which properties of furniture set the highest value, you can opt for the right material and the right design.

A smart, space-saving solution from Beliani

garden set practically functional Beliani garden furniture

What is Wicker for what and why choose this material for its garden set?

Wicker is a durable, artificially produced Lichen material made of polyethylene. Therefore, it is also absolutely weatherproof. You can find this material in Ribbon and round braid. There are Wicker plastic optics with plaiting material surface structure. The second variant is indistinguishable from the real rattan. Poly rattan products are completely recyclable. Unfortunately, the production is not really saving energy and conserving resources. Still, Wicker is a perfect alternative to the natural rattan especially when it comes to stability and longevity.

Elegant, round shapes and pleasing surfaces

garden Kit dark Wicker round shapes

Wood types, which are recommended for your garden furniture are especially: teak, oak, spruce, pine and larch. Some of them also an additional impregnation and stain protection would be needed. Consult in any case previously by specialist customer gene sellers. So, you can get the heat and the cosiness of your garden sets made of wood for a long time.

Classic and stylish wooden

garden Kit light wood upholstery low coffee table cushions

When it comes to garden furniture made of metal, it is garden sets wrought iron usually above all. The iron is in this case very often galvanized and even coated or covered with a plastic coating. So, the metal is absolutely weatherproof. More advantages in this material are the robustness and the romantic touch that will give your outdoor wrought iron garden furniture.

Challenging melancholy in the garden

garden set wrought iron round table chairs

As you see yourself, choosing the right garden sets not quite simple, isn’t? So, have a look at our suggestions here and consider it well, before you buy your garden furniture. We keep our fingers crossed for you.

Curved lines and ergonomic design

bright elegant Wicker garden set

Round seating group with style

garden Kit light grey lichens furniture garden furniture

Caribbean flair in the outdoor area

garden set Wicker white Wicker oval shapes

Refined from Polyrattan white

garden set masterfully filigree woven rattan white

Tasty colors and perfect comfort

garden set metal frame poly rattan fabric waterproof

Minimalist in black and white

garden furniture modern design Black White Leather

Pure holiday feeling

garden set Wicker bright white linen Sun pillow

Spacious comfort in natural colours

garden set Wicker cushion soft padded sofa

Modern Beach Chair of a special kind

garden set dark brown rattan sunscreen

Space saving and stay stylish

garden furniture rattan dark padding space

Filigree Wicker garden furniture

garden furniture rattan woven dark cushions

Convivial round and good mood

garden set round Wicker woven

Masculine and solid black

garden set black rattan upholstery