Living Room With Skylight – Ideas And Suggestions

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Living room with skylight

The architects of the houses below know the power of the roof window when using the Sun and they know exactly how a room with dazzling light can appear even larger and more spacious. Strategically placed, this stunning architectural elements bring the beauty of nature inside the home and provide natural lighting throughout the House.

Living room in black & white

living room roof vent white black

By keeping the ultimate use of natural light in the eye, the Artenid designer designed this modern house with a wall of Windows and a half room ceiling of full domes, so that the entire room is lit. White marble was used for the floor surface, so that the daylight deeper reflects the Interior. living room skylight leather

A beautiful courtyard with vines, brilliant colorful plants, different shades of green is filled – you can see that at first glance in this room. The natural design elements here merge with the indoor garden and outdoor area.

Living room skylights 3 700 x 525

Living room with skylight in pure white

Living room skylights 4 700 x 954

Living room with skylight in white

living room skylight white

Living room with skylight and tree

living room roof window with tree

Living room with skylight in the African style

living room skylight Africa

Living room with skylight in a classic modern style

living room skylight classic modern

Living room with skylight in Orange

living room skylight Orange

Living room with roof and wall window

living room wall skylight

Living room with skylight

living room skylight of spacious

Living room with skylight in the Studio

living room skylight Studio

Living room with skylight in purple

living room with skylight purple

This House of the architect George Nijland shows how skylight can be used to provide natural light in several rooms with few Windows.

living room skylight Grünhaus

And when it comes to roof window, you will never be able to forget the sliding doors:

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