Modern Landscaping Design For Your Yard

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modern landscaping design grey pebbles subtropical plants

Modern landscaping design

Maybe there is already grey Pebble, stepping stones and modern planters in your yard, but still lacks the modern look. We have some tips for you, how to reach the modern space design.

Converse in accurately certain zones

A base of modern landscape is that the zones are clearly determined. The geometry makes the garden unique and close to nature. It is important also, interesting to design the garden. We see here pictures of beautiful contemporary gardens, designed by D • CRAIN. Notice the rectangular figures with gravel, which create a stepping stone effect.

Determine a contemporary garden gravel and grass

How many separate zones can you make? In this example, there is everything: a swimming pool, water conditioning, covered porch, modern planters and abundant flowerbeds with native grasses. A perfect design!

Clearly certain zones in a modern landscape

modern landscaping design tall grass outdoor pool

On this picture we can see, the vegetation is used for the separation of the support zones, for example the pond next to the swimming pool. Gravel, tiles, lush plants, grass and water are combined in a perfect planned landscape:

Gravel, stone and grass in a modern court

modern landscaping design bamboo and water lilies

In addition to the expansive green lawn, the farm has also a pond with drain pipe. Note the decorative elements used in this space were – concrete ways to the grass and bushes the fence along. The result: a segmented, but single room

Water system in a modern court

modern landscaping design grey tones of green areas

Another separate zone is the seat of the fire pit. Don’t forget the impression a considerably certain verandah can bring.

Outdoor seating in a modern court

modern landscaping design elegant sitting corner with fire

Different materials were used for the next court – stepping stones and concrete deck, Holzbretten for the space, lush green lawn. The colors are stunning visual contrast.

A backyard with skilled landscape

modern landscaping design stylish backyard

Even if your space has only a clearly delimited area, you can make it good. This is the backyard, designed by Rees Roberts + Partners LLC. bushes form the private room, furnished with well-kept lawns and modern space:

Green space in an urban farm

modern landscaping design reticular Chair

Strategically arranged plants

Not only the selection of plant species is important, but your impressive placement. The leaves and grasses are grown in neat rows.

Plants, grown in rows

modern landscaping design high wire gravel boxes

A similar look can be seen, designed in the space by shades of green landscape architecture. The plants are arranged according to their kind, so that they form overlays from deep red to smoke blue colours…

Grasses in series

modern landscaping design terraced with ferns

Do not assume that everything necessarily should be mapped into straight lines. Strategic compositions by plant mixtures can be made. The Lilas and Rosas below form a contrast to the green tones.

Beautiful parent plants

modern landscaping design wild and lovely

This is a different eye-catching combination of stones, succulent and unique plants. Use your flower beds as a black screen for interesting sketches, like in the picture of the design of grounded…

Unique combination of plants

modern landscaping design unique

The next court, designed by Cipriano landscape design uses the power of the plant world. Even if not grown in neat straight lines, the plants look neat with borders on a sheet.

Living plants frame a flowerbed

modern landscaping design vegetation

Use wild elements… in specific context

The wild elements can also be integrated into modern farms. In this space of grounded, the orange blossom access to heaven, but nevertheless from her clearly separate flower bed.

Orange blossoms in a modern court

modern landscaping design Aloe Vera in bright orange

Is a possible combination of lush vegetation on the edge of the flowerbed. Dichondra is a great option, shown on the picture of the space, designed by D • CRAIN:

Lush plants create a waterfall effect

modern landscaping design hanging plants Ivy

Flora can flow even by modern stairs, like in this stylish room of D • CRAIN. Make this look in addition to an ordinary lawn and revive it with native grasses.

Cascades plant modern stairs

modern landscaping design large flat stages

In this extra special clearance from Rees Roberts + Partners LLC climb the vines on the walls, and fauna in shades of green concrete and wood accented in the room.

Wild and maintained in an urban open space

modern landscaping design a wild seating

Finally, we come to a room of Hall landscape architecture with the best combination of wild and cultivated elements. The plants grow but to the courtyard, and the neatly laid patio tiles reflect the clean lines of the architecture of the House.

A district of grass

modern landscaping design Scandinavian

You have several options for modern landscaping. Today, we have focused on the clean lines and the manicured look. Are you excited by this style or have preferred something else for your space? Below tell us your thoughts as a comment…

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