Now Outdoor Furniture For The New Season Schedule

Garden furniture set for the new season

After the summer is before the summer. Even though the gardening season is slowly coming to an end, does not mean that you must deal with already with the next warm season. Who want to spice up his garden with new patio furniture or want to implement even a completely new concept, which should use the cold days to plan. Also, some great bargains for garden furniture can be make in the autumn and winter in the trade. So, swim against the tide and make your garden for the winter theme.

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The Foundation: Table and chairs

Depending how much you have space in your garden or on the terrace, the placement of a table as a central element is usually the basis of the arrangement of all garden furniture. Best beware of a possible weather-protected place, in close proximity to the House wall. Alternatively, it can protect the garden furniture but also with hedges or wind traps. You have a large family or guests, often receive a large table with many matching chairs is worth. Nothing is more unpleasant than missing places during grilling or relaxing. Whether it be metal, basket or plastic garden furniture at the end, is a matter of taste. Make sure in any case on surfaces that are weather resistant and easy to clean.

Protection against Sun and wind

The Sun can also be so nice, but sometimes it’s too much of a good. Just older people and small children should be protected from direct sunlight on the garden table. The best a fixed installed retractable awning – this is especially useful, if your garden furniture stand close to the facade. Alternatively large umbrellas are offered, which can act also as rain protection. The advantage of screens is that you can easily fold it and space-saving storage. Solar panels are another way to protect large areas of the garden, from Sun. These large towels are simply assembled and also very flexible.

Garden furniture for more comfort

Table and chairs are simple but essential especially for meals in the open air. But there is absolutely nothing wrong in addition to treat yourself to some more intimate garden furniture. Who would like to really relax, which may set up like a small area with one or two bean bags. These cuddly Chair alternatives are ideal for reading or to close the eyes in the Sun and to let the mind wander. That is not enough, a hammock is perfect. This classic garden furniture offers the comfort of a normal Chair with a comfortable bonus of light back and forth swing – a perfect place to off to slumber. Traditionally it is well known that installed a hammock between two trees, but it does any other surface with sufficient stability. Last but not least, it should noted still on the classic Garden Bench. This affordable and flexible solution is ideal for sunbathing, because you can simply follow the course of the Sun with a daybed – or just the shadows look, if it gets too hot.

The showpiece: a private pool

There is hardly anything more beautiful in the summer, as its own swimming pool. Who has not or is not satisfied with the current solution, has time to think about a better solution now in the winter. Perhaps will it be yes a fixed pool? He’s got a certain construction, best should not be placed in the summer. An above ground pool, however, is ready to go faster, but it will be carefully planned. Depending on the place, number of future bathers, as well as claims to the pool, choose from many different models. In children raging around, it may require a fixed metal frame, otherwise you can do also a swimming pool with a slide border. Either way: A pool can be the showpiece of your new garden concept.