Porch Party In Summer – Discover Your Favourite Way To Celebrate

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porch party In the summer of minimalist romantic many candles

Porch party in summer – discover your favourite way to celebrate

When the weather is nice, we must organize a party out there. No matter whether you carefully work out menus and decoration, or at the last moment with friends decide for a drink, the point is to choose the style of your party. Inspired by the following 8 ideas for outdoor parties.

Set up your free space

porch party In summer elegant Rattan seating soft carpet

Make your porch even more comfortable with some things out of the House. Laying a carpet, throw extra pillows on the sofa. If you have any garden furniture, then take some of the home, so you feel more comfortable.

Bleached out, with beach mood

porch party In summer beach mood in white with sub-tropical vegetation

Conjure the summer mood with pale shades of white and sand. Hang white curtains or fabric over head as a sunshade. Pretty you the table with white seashells and little tea lights.

Eating outdoors, this is the typical French or Italian style

porch party In summer lots of sand and water fountain

Inspired a French or Italian traditions for long, comfortable lunch fresco. Serve simple seasonal foods along with wine in glass carafes. Have everything guests might need in one basket (straw hats, Sun cream, sunglasses).

A note: Organize the parties at low cost.

Buy white party goods that go with everything from affordable stores such as IKEA and target

porch party In summer fairy lights and round hanging lamps from cardboard

Lanterns, lights and candles set the tone, you can buy also a cheap Dinnerware set and unbreakable cups for a long usage. Perform project on the picnic table to your own DIY, for example with schablonierten words.

Tropical food

porch party In summer with Indian flair statuettes and parasol in Orange

Who says that you should always cook? Order from your popular restaurant and focusing on the decor.

A coffee table on a colorful carpet with floor cushions around makes a fun area for a small dinner party. Decorate with colorful parasols, lanterns, succulents in pots and with works of art.

Exchange of products from own gardens

porch party In summer bright colours fresh vegetables

Organize a party with friends who have also gardens to celebrate the season. Invite your guests to bring something – for example tomatoes from their garden or home-made jams, pickles or even home brewed beer.

A movie night – designed by photographer – Mark Tessier landscape architecture

porch party In the summer of Heng Shui touch bamboo

With a small video projector (purchased or rented) and a laptop you can organize a movie night in the backyard. The evening is family friendly, select a children’s film, for example, from the list of the international children’s film festival in New York.

Just dessert

porch party In the summer Filigrees antique cake stand

If you want to really have a collection but is too much a dinner invite to the dessert. Invite your friends for dinner and surprise her with an elegant dessert on the patio.

You just need some desserts, for example a cheese plate with coffee orTea. Complete the evening with a special sweet wine.

Hint: Think about the lighting.

You can really inspire your guests with a beautiful lighting

porch party In the summer of minimalist romantic many candles

And fortunately, she needs to be expensive. You attach storm lanterns or flashlights on a Ribbon, spread tea on the table and make some lanterns and fairy lights above. If you are afraid of fire, take then dear candles with batteries.

Cocktails at dusk

Just invite your guests for sunset cocktails and small snacks on the porch. Then you turn on the lights.

Cool and super romantic, isn’t it?

porch party In summer spacious bar counter rattan chairs stone flooring

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